11/22/2000 - 7/18/2015We said good bye to our Gladiator. Maximus was a member of our family for 14 years and almost 9 months to the day. He was our only baby for 10 years and welcomed our new babies with open arms. He always sat right in the middle of our games to be in the middle of all the activity and slept in front of the kids doors after they were asleep.

To us, you were Maximus, my boy blue, Lobsta, little man, Maximoosie, and of course Maimus (they forget 'x' in your nice monogrammed LLBean Bed) - - We started in a small two bedroom apartment in WA, moved into 176th PL NE where you had the biggest yard. You worked so hard at keeping ALL squirrels out of yard by running it's perimeter multiple times a day. You had a doggie door and really lived the life. We finally packed up and moved East - - six months of temporary houses (only time you slept in our bed) until we landed where we call home today. You loved hunting in this yard. You loved all the windows in this house. You chased the sun all day long and left a mark on the back of the FL room couch where you had one of the most beautiful views that constantly changed with the NE seasons.

You were full of life and energy. You loved your ball, chuck it, and Frisbee. You were often called "the fastest dog" at Marymoor in WA, and still at the Reservoir here in MA. You loved camping, ferry rides, kayaking, and swam faster than most labs and retrievers. You were always the little guy barking at the big dogs "leave my ball alone!". Your excitement was contagious - - extended family and friends from age 90+ to our babies at 12 months loved throwing your ball and Frisbee. We loved playing with you! NE winters were long. We played find it to pass the time indoors; I'm not sure who liked playing more… you or the kids. - - You survived the historic 2014/2015 winter. You traveled to ME and listened to us sing songs during our 4 hour drives to go skiing.

Our home doesn't feel the same without you. We will look at all your sunny spots and know your smiling down on us. You're not here but we feel your spirit and know you're playing ball without any pain. We will forever miss you and feel the foot prints you left in our hearts.

We love you and will always miss you!
Lisa & Adam GarlandDanvers, MassachusettsJuly 20, 2015
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Maximus, you were one of kind. I still remember you as that cute little rat terrier puppy in my puppy class all those years ago. I'll always remember taking you petsitting with me, attending terrier playdates, agility classes, and all our trips to the park with people watching in awe of the little dog out-swimming the big dogs for the tennis ball. There is a big hole in our hearts right now. Someday though, your family will be able look back and think about you and only smile at the wonderful memories you gave versus the heartbreak they feel right now. They loved you so much.
If there are tennis balls in heaven, you are hoarding them all right now I'm sure! Run free sweet boy. We will never, ever forget you.
Katie Morrell - August 5, 2015
Good bye Maximus, we will miss you. Loved having you over when your family was away. Playing Frisbee/ball and watching you chase the squirrels 😊.Susan Garland - July 20, 2015
I am glad things went so smoothly for Maximus. He was lucky to have such a loving home for such a long time.David Rousseau - July 20, 2015

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