7/15/2015You came into our lives unexpectedly in our first year of marriage and subsequently changed it immensely and definitively. You were our first "baby" together. And when we went on to become pregnant and thus have two children after that, you became their "baby" as well. We all loved you so much and will never, ever forget you. We hope you are now running free without pain with your brothers, Elvis and Marley, and peeing on whatever you can find along your way!!! Marking your territory up in the heavens and going on many adventures! We love you our precious baby!Nancy Covello-FifeLos Angeles, CaliforniaJuly 21, 2015
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Rest in peace sweet Jimi. You are deeply missed. It was my sincerest honor to meet you. I am forever touched by your light.
Dr. Tina - July 27, 2015
Jimi was the coolest and brought lots of love into the Fife's!! My condolences guys!! Great little lover!
God bless!
Eddie Hargitay - July 25, 2015
Jimi was a funny, adorable, loving, adventurous, dog. He brought the best out of my whole family. He was with me ever since I was in my mom's stomach. So as you can see it was very hard to let him go. I miss him greatly, but I know that at least now he'll be a lot happier in the heavens playing with his siblings and friends. Jimi was with me for almost 9 years now. He had the most funniest personality. At least he passed in peace and is not suffering any more. He lived a great and long life. I really miss him, but now he is happy. We love you Jimi !!!!!!Stella Fife - July 24, 2015
Jimi your presence was huge as still is your soul that comforts your family! You were an entertaining and lovable character! You had a personality just as Matt described! You were so tender and loving yet so independent and strong willed to escape and go on your own walk abouts. I miss the hysterical melodies you'd sing, your insistence on early bird dinner at 4:30 and your precious tongue hanging out. I know you are roaming free with your brothers, friends and even Bella. Your bright light shines on! Love to everyone in this time of grief and gratitude!??Vivian Poutakoglou - July 23, 2015
You were and will always be my little Jaime! You loved to wrestle, feared no one, seldom complained, never harmed a fly (you were never interested in chasing after insects, bugs or kids). But you loved to hang out with kids and always be in the mix and within their reach. In the world of dogs, Jimi exits like a classic Hollywood movie star, the kind of personality you can only hope to see in every movie or scene in life..the face of Cagney, the vulnerability of Jimmy Stewart, and the cool presence of Bogart. Incredibly loving, self-assured, and always entitled— after all, being entitled is what being a family dog is all about. Will miss you Jim!matt fife - July 23, 2015
Such a sweet little soul who was a gift to all who knew and loved him. For now he will run free with Elvis and Marley and all the others in doggie heaven until you cross the Rainbow Bridge where he will be waiting for you. Thanks for being the best family he could ask for xoxoMeghan Fife - July 22, 2015
We are all really going to miss Jimi (or Jim Jim, as I called him). I loved to snuggle with him when I was little and let him lick my hand. I have many fond memories with Jimi and I will never forget his sweet little face!

Much love,
Mia Joy
Mia Covello - July 22, 2015
Jimi, I am really going to miss you! I will never forget your antics like climbing up on the table and eating the food that one Easter, or screeching and clawing me at the park when I had to hold you to keep that crazy lady's dog from getting you, or escaping any time you saw the opportunity! Matt, Nancy, Stella and Lincoln, I'm so sorry for your loss. I know you loved Jimi so much and miss him terribly.Toni Covello - July 22, 2015
Thanks for making The Covello/Fife family so happy for so many years, Jimi! We miss you and your little tongue hanging out! ;)Sara Field - July 22, 2015
Sending all my love to the Fife- Covello household. I know how loved Jimi was and will always be. He was one of the cutest, sweetest guys and I know how lucky and loved he was by all who met him. He is never going to be forgotten and will always have a special place in the hearts who loved him. Jimi was once special guy.monica vilona - July 22, 2015
Jimi was simply the best little doggy ever! He loved and was loved by all! Please give Ginger a big hug and kiss from us when you see her at the rainbow bridge! xoxoCarol Cohen - July 22, 2015

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