1/31/2013Sweet Dominic,
You were my loyal companion, my protector and my world. I rescued you 10 years ago and we had a great life together. I watched you grow old and knew that I would lose you soon. I was not prepared, no matter how I had tried. The house is empty and cold. There are no soft brown eyes staring up at me letting me know that everything is ok. I long for that soft head in my hands. I have no comfort today, no furry body to stroke. My heart is broken. The space you filled, loving always, never judging, my sweet friend , you are gone and I was helpless to stop it. What I wouldn't give for just one more day with you.
I know that you are waiting for me , runny in the soft grass, gone are your old bones. I will see you again. This I know because there would be no heaven for me without you. Go find Beau and smile down on me and when it is time run joyously to greet me. You were one in a million. Oh how I loved you.
Jaine WeiseLewes, DelawareFebruary 8, 2013
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My Sweet Dominic,
“Rare is the day that I don’t think of you.”

I lost you four years ago. I remember it too well. I was alone with you as I requested each time I put one of my dogs to sleep. I didn’t want any distractions or kind words to make me feel better. I wanted to grieve. I was ok until we took your lifeless body out to the car. Grief took over me as I never experienced before or since. I was inconsolable.

I cherish every moment with you. The memories bring me so much joy. I was so blessed. . We had been constant companions and you were the love of my life. I was always so proud of you. You were so kind and respectful of the new, very old Pittie, Shadow. You always waited until she safely reached the bottom of the stdps before you recklessly raced down.

We went everywhere together. You went crazy when you saw a suitcase.
You went on so many vacations. You even flew to Sousa, DR and you loved it. They were afraid of you. I guess big black dogs are rare in the DR.

You were so naughty when I adopted you, friends referred to you as “crazy.” You had destroyed 13 screens in three different states You would escape through them in search of a new adventure. You scared me to death when I returned from work in Rehoboth Beach to find no dog and a destroyed screen door. I’m not sure how you did. The screen was the top half the door. To escape you would have had to stand on your hind legs to chew a hole big enough and then you would have had to back up and take a flying leap out the top of the door. You usually did not go far and spotted you in front of Nicola’s Pizza. You had drawn quite the crowd of tourists, even a policeman. The look you gave me, translated to “Look at me Mom!” You were so happy and so proud of yourself
You were quite the risk taker and you gave me so much anxiety but you weren’t always so brave, you jumped out of my moving car because you were scared of the apples rolling around in the back.

Dominic, How I loved you. You were a handful but as the years passed, you became more and more perfect. You were the envy of many. The bond was so strong that I felt like you and I could read each other’s minds.

I am consoled because I know I will be with you again. . Pope Francis said that our pets will be in heaven. The Pope is supposed to be infallible so it must be true.
Jaine Weise - December 28, 2017
Dominic, I miss my "big Brother" so very much. The house is lonely without you. Mom is not ready to get another dog yet and I know that you can't be replaced. I'm behaving myself most of the time-trying to be like you but it it hard. I hope that you are happy in heaven.Shadow Weise - February 19, 2013
Rest in peace Dominic.Dr. Cheryl Maguire - February 11, 2013

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