7/29/2015In loving memory of Callie, a beautiful 15 year old calico. We adopted her from The Anti-Cruelty Society when she was a little bit older, but not yet a senior. Like so many adult cats and dogs in shelters, her chance for finding a home was going to end (in euthanasia) if she didn’t get adopted soon. Perhaps it was just her sweet nature or a cat’s intuition that time was running out, but Callie jumped on her dad’s lap and he was sold. Callie enjoyed snuggling in bed with us at night and bossing around her Dachshund siblings. When her health declined from chronic kidney disease and poor mobility, we made the heartbreaking decision to let her go. Cozied up on our bed, she munched on kibble until she became sleepy, and then peacefully passed away with her dad petting her. Rest well, sweet Callie. You will be missed.Evanston, IllinoisAugust 31, 2015
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What a sweet kitty. I know she is up in heaven playing with my dog Murdock!Laurie Testa - September 2, 2015
Rest in peace sweet Callie! You were a lucky cat to have picked such loving "parents" and you brought them much love and enjoyment.Anne Jewell - September 1, 2015
What a gorgeous and happy little girl, cuddled right up with furry friend and mom. I know she was so beyond loved and will be so very missed.Nikki Lap of Love - September 1, 2015
Your Callie sounds so loved, and that's so true about her chances of finding a home being so slim if she had not ended up as part of your family. How wonderful that you took the chance on her - even in her picture, she looks so content to be snuggled up there! I'm so glad she was able to pass away so peacefully, munching her kibble in bed with her family right by her side. <3Dr. Juliana Lyles - September 1, 2015

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