Gabriella Fuzzyfeet
5/1/1999 - 7/23/2015God bless you, our Beloved Gabie: Always the Captain, with or without a boat. We love you, miss you, and treasure you. A prochaine (until we meet again) !
Love, Your devoted crew, Ande and Marie
Ande and Marie AlbertPalm Harbor, FloridaAugust 31, 2015
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Dearest Gabie,
We love you, miss you, and think of you every day. What joy you brought to our lives!
Your memorial curcuma plant is blooming comme l'habitude, reminding us of you and of how you live on in our hearts.
With love,
A prochaine,
Marie and Ande July 23, 2020
Marie and Ande Albert - July 27, 2020
Dearest Gabriella Fuzzyfeet, our beloved Captain Gabie,
You live on in our hearts and minds.
We will always reside in Gabieland.
We miss you and look forward to being with you again.
A Prochain!
Love, Marie and Ande
Marie&Ande Albert - July 23, 2019
Not a day goes by , our beloved Gabriella Fuzzyfeet, that we don’t think of you, remember you, and miss you. Thank you for adopting us. We love you and keep all of our wonderful memories of you alive in our minds and hearts.
A prochaine, our Captain Gabie
Marie and Ande Albert - July 26, 2018
Gabriella Fuzzyfeet, today we celebrate and honor your life.
God bless you,
Marie and Ande
💜On the second anniversary of your passing.
Marie and Ande Albert - July 23, 2017
Dearest Gabie,
You live on in our hearts. We will miss you always. We treasure the moments we had with you.
We savor our wonderful memories of you. Thank you for sharing your love. We love you. A prochaine, Mademoiselle Gabrielle.
Marie and Ande Albert - July 23, 2017
We think of you every day, Gabie. We miss you and love you. Toujours. You will always be our Valentine.Marie Albert - February 8, 2017
God bless you, our beloved Gabie. Thank you for being our ever-lovey and for teaching us so much about love and appreciation of life. You will live in our hearts forever. A prochaine, Mademoiselle Gabriella, always the Captain, with or without a boat.
Love, Marie and Ande
1-year anniversary of your passing, July 23, 2016
Marie and Ande Albert - July 24, 2016
Gabie, it has been 11 months since your passing, and we think of you always. We miss you terribly, but take comfort in thinking of all the joy and warmth and love with which you filled our lives. You remain in our hearts. Love, Marie and AndeMarie Albert - June 24, 2016
I am thankful that Gabie*s spirit graced this planet, and we are all the richer because of it. I shall deeply miss her letters every Xmas, detailing all her madcap adventures, She deeply touched the lives of everyone who knew her, I will carry her in my heart always, Goodby my lovely Captain Fuzzy Foot,,,,,,,Ruth Ley December 39th 2015.ruth ley - December 30, 2015
We are so sorry to hear about Gabie's passing. We especially remember her days on S.V. Haleakala.
Sandy Terry & Dodger Dyke - September 14, 2015
What a lovely tribute to a sweet and previous girl. We will miss you Gabie. May you rest in peace.Melanie Govignon - September 10, 2015
ARBORS MISSES GABIE TOO. RIPibby merritt - September 9, 2015
May you rest in peace, GabyJENNIFER TOTO - September 9, 2015
What a lovely photo of Captain Gabriella Fuzzyfeet! She was such a wonderful and beautiful kitty, with an adventurous spirit, and so very lucky to be loved by you.Aimee Vasse - September 9, 2015
Such a sweet beautiful girl. I will pray for you to find peace. ❤️Joan Finelli - September 8, 2015
So sorry to hear about Gable's passing. I remember when I visited "her" house in Virginia Beach.Eric & Bobbie Berryman - September 8, 2015
Such a sweet beautiful girl. I will pray for you to find peace. ❤️Joan Finelli - September 8, 2015
Marie and Ande, yours is a special tribute to a very special cat who loved you both unequivocally and whom you both loved completely. The three of you were so fortunate to have had each other. May your love for her warm your hearts and keep her memory alive. She was a gorgeous gal, n'est-ce pas? I envision her ruling her Palm Harbor home and loving every minute of it. Thank you for sharing her with us and God Bless you all.Pat McLaughlin - September 8, 2015
What a pretty cool cat! God bless!Laurie Testa - September 2, 2015
Since I lost my silky terrier Aby in May, I sometimes visit this website to read her memorial and sometimes others that catch my eye. So you don't know me, but I felt compelled to light a candle for your dear Gabriella Fuzzyfeet.

What an amazing life of adventure Gabriella and her humans have had! I was captivated by the tales/tails of adventure you told so well. I think the writing of a book is in order here. I wouldn't mind being reincarnated as a Gabie cat in my next life :) I can tell by your story and its tone that you are very positive people who gave a wonderful cat a positively incredible life. Gabie is still with you wherever you go because you carry her in your hearts. Blessings to you!
Jan Wans - September 2, 2015
Your Gabie was a beautiful lady and so well-travelled! She had quite a full and exciting life. I know how much you will miss having her by your side. I hope you can find Peace in time to fill that large hole in your hearts.Stephanie Gamache - September 2, 2015

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