Sprite Lee
5/30/1999 - 9/4/2015Oh Sprite, what a day. You are missed dearly, I hope you and mom are cuddling now or walking or running, maybe she is baking and you are standing right by her feet. Your 16 years was a JOY, a gift, it made life easier! You were such a great friend! It is strange to not have you here. Your dog hair will keep you around for some time now, but the cleaning session today was therapeutic.
I remember when mom and I brought you home, and dad asked whose dog you were....1 hour later Sprite and Dad were BFF!!
Each night Sprite would get his energy and excitement to lead me to bed(he would run!), I will think of that nightly and dream of him often. Guess when I am cooking now I need to make sure I sweep up, now that Sprite will mot be cleaning up after me anymore. So many positive moments and great memories- I could write a book...
Sprite's passing has shown me what a great family and group of friends I have, so thankful to you all!
Barbara BucciDeptford, New JerseySeptember 4, 2015
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Sprite, you will forever be loved. You filled your home with love and joy. Those memories you left your family will be in their hearts and minds forever. Rest peacefully always.Brad Bates - October 28, 2015
What an amazing dog you were Sprite! You will definitely be missed by so many. I will miss your endless energy and effort you put towards getting any and all snacks possible!! Barb was so lucky to have an amazing companion and you were so lucky she was your mom. You are a true example of the saying, "dogs are man's best friend". I hope you are snuggling Mrs. Bucci and the Green Guy while eating gourmet meals in heaven! RIP Sprite Lee❤️Leilani Lang - September 9, 2015
You were a great pup Sprite, you will dearly be missed by so many. RIPDiana Tiberi - September 7, 2015
Oh Sprite...you were a perfect dog that meant so much to so many people. I will miss my friend Barb sending me pictures of you in the morning, it brought a smile to my face and made my day each time. I cried horribly when I heard the news and I am still crying now. They say dogs hold on longer when they know they are deeply loved...and with 16 years of life I am certain you know how much Barb loves you.

Rest easy, sweet boy.
Jenna Quinn - September 7, 2015
So sorry to hear of Sprite Lee's passing! I only met him once but it was when I had not seen my family in many many years and he added so much to the experience! I'm sure he and Mary are enjoying each other's company now.William Walling - September 6, 2015

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