Tuff Radke
10/31/2013 - 9/28/2015Tuff may have been what many consider to be a "mean" breed, but there was not a mean bone in his body! He charmed many who were afraid of Pit Bulls and those who were not "dog" people. He was a gentle soul who seemed to have one goal in his life...to make his people happy, feel loved, and to be loved. He succeeded in all of these things and was much more than our beloved pet...he was a son, nephew, grandson, and big brother to his two little sisters (ages 5 & 6). He loved to travel and to stick his head out of the window as he took many rides. Tuff was one-of-a-kind and his people miss him dearly! Although our hearts are broken and we will continue to look for him in weeks and months to come, we know he is with all the other special family members we have lost before him playing ball and getting and giving lots of kisses and pets! Tuff was a handsome guy both inside and out and we were lucky to have had him as a very big and very special part of our lives. He cannot be replaced in our hearts as he took some of our heart with him. We will miss his Yoda ears, his Joker smile, and his truly unconditional love that he brought into our home. We love you Tuffers and we will see you again!Joy RadkeGraniteville, South CarolinaSeptember 29, 2015
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Dearest Tuff, what a beloved boy you were! You made such a huge impact on so many people. You were the very best spokesdog for your breed! We are all so happy for you to be free of your failing body, but you have left behind a huge extended family of heartbroken people. Run free, sweet boy!Sunday Cozzi - October 5, 2015
Marilyn Smith - September 30, 2015
Tuff, you showed your heart every day, you are missed!
I look forward to hugs from you again one day!
Kathleen Cartledge - September 29, 2015
You are deeply missed by your family Tuff but we all know you are having a wonderful time with Doug and Liz in Heaven.Blair VanScoyoc - September 29, 2015
Peace be with you.Lora Rhinehart - September 29, 2015
We will love you always Tuff !Michele Bolinger - September 29, 2015
Robert, Joy, and girls.....we love you guys! Tuff was amazing, and he still is! Praying for peace and comfort to find you all during this time.Mariah & Gary Forehand - September 29, 2015
Michele Bolinger - September 29, 2015
We had the opportunity and privilege to see Tuff grow up from a pup until he, well decided to move on to make the angels love him. If he knew someone was afraid of hinm, he made it his goal to win them over and he did! He was not a dog, he had a human soul and a spirit of a clown. I loved to scare him. As a pup I scared him on the patio in St. Simons Georgia and he peed a trail all the way back inside. There is so much more I could and want to say more, but my heart is full of memories that will keep on making my tears flow with each drop filled with abounding love for a dog with eyes and heart that reflects a human spirit! I love you Tuff!!! Now go win over tose angels!!!Gramps Clendenin - September 29, 2015
I'm going to miss you so much buddy. Joy came back into my life and you came into my life in early 2006 when I was working as an instructor at the Navy's nuclear prototype near Charleston SC. and I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to find someone that loved me as much as I did them. For some reason you and her both did and we became a family and eventually welcomed your little sisters Emma and Anna. I loved your energy, unconditional love, and the way you protected our family (especially Joy and the girls). I've already caught myself looking for you and wanting to call out your name and I know how tough this is going to be, but I also know I will see you again one day. My brave boy Tuff.Robert Radke - September 29, 2015

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