9/16/2015Patch, Patchy, Patchford.....we miss you terribly. Not seeing your face with your perked up, flop over ears at the window each day when we leave and come home makes us sad. You were our "boy" who we found sitting quietly at the SPCA in January 2012 just waiting for us to notice you. We took you for a walk and from that moment on, you adopted us as your new family. We noticed right away that you were very well trained and sat on the kitchen rug while we ate dinner. You never had an accident in the house, never barked just for the sake of barking, and always had a toy in your mouth when you greeted us from a long day at work. Even though we shared our life with you for just under four years, it seems like you were with us for always! You always were on someone's lap around the dinner table with your head pressed up against our chest and back feet still on the floor. We hope that you are getting spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa and are running and herding all of our furry pets in heaven. Until we meet again......Don & Jenny DreisbachYork, PennsylvaniaSeptember 29, 2015
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Patch's story is so heartwarming. What a joy he was––and how much he loved being a part of your family!
He's running free, strong and well––and waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge! 🐾 🌈
Julia P. - November 24, 2015
Wow. What a beautiful and heartfelt memorial to a wonderful boy. Patch will live on in the memories he leaves behind. I am honored to have met such a lovely boy and to be trusted with his care. All the best to you both and the whole furry crew.Lauren Crescenzi - September 30, 2015

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