Black Bart Swartz
9/9/2015Black Bart was a unique little man. Loved to join the men for a beer, curl up with mommy and play/torment his buddy Evey. He also was able to wake mommy up at night when her insulin levels dropped. Adopted from the ARL in Feb. 2006, he brought joy to our small apartment with his antics, protection of Evey (eventhough she would occasionally kick his butt) and obsession with ham, bacon, milk, tuna and black diamond steaks. As an indoor cat, his last day was spent outside in the sun roaming around and catching a vole.

We love you and miss you Bart.
Karen SwartzWernersville, PennsylvaniaSeptember 30, 2015
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Black Bart was an amazing little guy who is sorely missed, but will never be forgotten. He was definitely one in a million.Cindi Worrall - October 2, 2015

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