9/28/1998 - 9/24/2015Lucky, we were so excited when we found you at the pound. Your adorable face melted our hearts. On September 28, 1999 we adopted you into our family and our lives became intertwined forever. We were told that you were one to two years old.
For over seventeen years you blessed this earth and brought smiles to so many.
Everywhere we walked people had to stop and talk to you – everyone loved Lucky!

But we loved you the most and we were the luckiest of all because we had you with us every moment of every day. Our sweet Lucky…. you brought so much love and joy and fun into our lives. This house is too quiet without you.
We all miss you so much!

Dr. Christine was so wonderful to help us through our last moments with you.
It was so peaceful and calm. We are so glad that you are now free of lymphoma and the aches of old age.

Lucky, you were a very special dog. You gave us so much companionship and love through the years that we feel very blessed. We are so proud of you for growing old so gracefully and are thankful that you could be with us for so many years.

Although we are so sad that you are not with us anymore in this world, we know that you are now happy and healthy. We will see you again and it will be a joyous day!

Lucky, you will forever be in our hearts.
Kathy HainesArlington, VirginiaOctober 1, 2015
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My sweet Lucky.....
You are still a part of our lives beautiful girl.
Every day a memory of you will bring a smile to our hearts.
You brought so much joy to the world.
We miss you so much!
Love you baby girl!
Kathy Haines - September 25, 2019
My dear Lucky...I still miss you so.....
You are in my thoughts daily and I still feel you by my side.
What a wonderful friend you were.
Thoughts of our wonderful walks together bring smiles to my face
and yet tears to my eyes.
You are forever in my heart sweet girl!
Kathy Haines - September 26, 2018
My dear Lucky you are in my thoughts especially this morning.
Two years ago we had to say goodbye to you and a part of my heart went with you.
I think of you every day as I take walks along the paths we shared together. I pet all the dogs that
I meet along the way and they make me smile because they remind me of you. I remember all the fun and joy that you brought to this house for so many years. I feel so blessed to have been able to be a part of your life.
You were a loving pup who brought so much love to our family.
You are always in my heart.
Kathy Haines - September 24, 2017
You are in my thoughts everyday Lucky girl.
A year has passed since we had to let you go
but I still feel your presence as I walk along the paths
we used to walk. Wonderful memories of good times we shared.
You were my best friend and I miss having you by my side!
Kathy Haines - September 29, 2016
I miss you so much today my sweet puppy.
You are always in my heart!
Kathy Haines - February 11, 2016
Thinking of you today Pup!Steven Haines - November 21, 2015
A beautiful tribute for a very special companion. Wishing you much love as you celebrate Lucky's life. ❤Stephanie. Dremow - October 3, 2015
Wonderful pets deserve wonderful people. Lucky was blessed to have found your family. You know those beagles- they have the best noses for finding the finest of everything and she certainly did that! I am sure she will wait patiently for the time when you meet again. Love you ~ MaryMary Haines - October 2, 2015

Your warm smiling eyes made the Haines home a warner, happier haven.
You are the "family dog' that our own kids didn't have and we are all richer becuase we knew you,
You taught all of us what growing old gracefully" means.
You and Kathy made a wonderful team as you went about your daily rhythm. It felt like both of you were taking on the world- on good days and grey days, in sickness and in health.
We will miss you sweet Lucky.

Susan Schramm - October 2, 2015
My most favorite story about Lucky was how her two legged brother rode his bike to the shelter every day to play with her and give her love and attention. She had a waiting list of people and their bond was what brought her home to their loving family. She was truly a Lucky girl and her life was filled with so much love and joy. Rest in peace sweet girl!Christine Shibly - October 1, 2015

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