Bear modad
10/7/2012 - 2/23/2013My beloved Beardog, you have always been the velvety ear that listens, the furry hug that I never had to ask for, giver of dog kisses that came without warning. My life is less fur-filled, my floor is empty, and I can walk without tripping over you. To say you left a hole in my heart as well as my world is an understatement. You saw me off to work; you were the greeter at the door and the last smiling face I looked at when I closed my eyes. I will never forget the unyielding love you gave me every day of your life. Your heart was stronger than your body and I know you are smiling down on me…because it’s raining and I feel like you are still drooling on me. Mommy loves you my sweet Beardog, sleep now I’ll see you soon.Elizabeth ModadLeague City, TexasFebruary 25, 2013
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Ber are a beautiful dog and a great pet, and I know you were very much loved by your mommy & daddy. I will always remember you as a lovely & gregarious beast. No matter what, you were always happy and your tail wagging. Your cousins and I miss you very much.Freddy Coleman - February 28, 2013
Such a beautiful tribute. Bear was an awesome pet member of your family. He clearly earned his Angel Wings. Rest In Peace.Charles Jameson - February 25, 2013

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