Max Walker
10/10/2005 - 11/13/2015Max, you were not "just a dog" you were a 4 legged human, our baby. The love you showed us, has spoiled us. Your intelligence, gentle demeanor, and pure devotion is what we will carry with us forever. From the moment you came to us, we knew we were lucky to have you. Even with your health issues, from the moment you broke your leg at 7 months old, to the day you left us, 10 years later, you never complained. You just wanted us to love you, that's all you ever asked. And it was easy to do and we were happy to provide all the love you wanted. We are so heartbroken over losing you. The house is too quiet. There's nobody to greet me at the door, when I come home from a long day. There's nobody laying at our feet, just needing to touch us. No big brown eyes to look up at us, before going to sleep. I will miss the days when you wanted something, and I would say "say please" and you would raise your paw. Our conversations where you would tilt your head as you listened intently. To say you were the greatest there ever was, is an understatement. Everyone should be as lucky as we were. You were a one in a million baby. I cleaned the family room today, around your bed and found the bones you "buried" under the corner of the couch. My heart just ached. I will miss you forever my dear, sweet Max. Until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge, life will never be the same. You are loved...forever and always.Brian and Cindi WalkerSterling Heights, MichiganNovember 15, 2015
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I have no words...except you were loved and adored and will be missed...but be at peace and no more you little boy.Barb Sheremet - November 17, 2015
Today, we brought you home, where you belong. Your urn is in your spot, your paw print next to it, until I put it in a shadow box. I love you "Muffin". I miss you too. My Max, our Max. The 3 Amigos again. We'll meet again, at the Rainbow Bridge.Cindi Walker - November 16, 2015
You are at peace now Max, but you will be remembered forever. The stars will shine a little brighter now that you are amongst them. It was my honor to help you. May you rest peacefully now. <3Courtney Graham - November 16, 2015

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