4/15/2001 - 11/10/2015We have had many pets, animal friends, companions, whatever term you choose that we were fascinated by, or in love with the beauty of, laughed at the funny behavior and displays of their views of the world; we felt " Loved:" and most certainly needed by many witty and wise creatures from a hungry infant beak, to aged paws or turtle claws clutching a grateful treat. We loved them as one bestows love or charity, at holidays. But Cutter, Vivian, and I, fell in love on a kinship level. The love and bond we shared was like a radio channel into the eyes and ears of another creature’s world. The old Lassie theme episodes of saving your life by getting help, or, would your dog leap off a cliff or ledge trusting you being below...Bah, that was baby stuff for the likes of us. Cutter proved himself a hero to human and dog, But THIS DOG KNEW when you were crying and hurt even on the inside and his 45 pounds of athlete dog leap into your lap, and his gold lupine eyes said "I understand, and I'll never leave your side". They don't judge empathy, psychic-atonement, or agape' in the show ring or our Cutter would have had a room full of ribbons!Richard and Vivian MuggVallejo, CaliforniaNovember 19, 2015
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mary starr - November 22, 2015
My heart is with you and your family. What a wonderful eulogy to a wonderful special being.rose walker - November 21, 2015
It is so great seeing all the pictures through Cutters wonderful life! I especially like him guarding his chickens and his obvious joy in everything he did. He was a special boy, and while you can never replace him, I hope all the wonderful memories you are so lucky to have, bring you comfort and peace.Dr Rene - November 20, 2015

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