3/5/2013A client showed me this kitten named Marilyn and the next thing I knew she was on her way to her new home. Cat owners know it is rare to have a cat that treats you as an equal. She was one. Almost without fail for eleven years she knew the moment the kitchen light went out and the TV turned off it was time to lead the way to the bedroom for her nightly petting.

I now have to set my alarm clock because she no longer taps me on the head at exactly 6:30 am to wake me for her food. Her cat friend Araess always waited in the background as Marilyn attended to her morning ritual.
Glenn HansonProspect Heights, IllinoisMarch 9, 2013
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What a beautiful baby! <3 May the memories of your sweet girl comfort you on the difficult days.Dr. Dawnetta Woodruff - March 10, 2013

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