12/11/1999 - 11/20/2015Keaton was one of our most beloved family members that we will never ever forget. He was a huge part of our journey. Truly one of a kind. Truly as unique as a snowflake. He celebrated with us in good times and comforted us in bad times. He was a regular comedian making us laugh all the time He was our guardian angel and he was more human than a human. If you asked us if he had a soul......we would tell you most definitely he did. He was an explorer and a hunter. He absolutely loved children. He was our handsome boy, so athletic, beyond intelligent, sweet, gentle, loyal, courageous, fearless,.... a true warrior, …..a true angel. He could have been anything..... a great military... police... or rescue dog. We're just glad he was our companion. The bond between us was..... and still is.... as strong as any bond you could know. Our world is so noticeably empty without him. His candle burned so brightly in our lives but we can't help to feel it burned out too quickly... even though he gave us 15 years of joy. Keaton.... our forever companion …...our heart aches of your leaving this world. We promise to you that we'll be with you again. We'll always love you Keaton. Your spirit will always be with us to give us comfort til the day of our journeys end and we're reunited with you. I know you'll be waiting there for us.Randy KlittichArnold, MissouriDecember 17, 2015
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Keaton. What a happy, funny boy he must have been. I keep looking at all the pictures. What a pup! I lost my best friend Sparky just before Christmas and made a memorial page for her here, too. She was everything to me and her loss leaves me so empty as I'm sure the loss of Keaton leaves you.

We had Dr. Dawnetta Woodruff come to our home as well. Her guidance through the process of freeing Sparky was peaceful and calming.

Here's a candle for you, Keaton! Run free! Sparky and you could have been great friends here, so hopefully you meet up on the other side.
Brad Bloomquist - December 30, 2015
Such an amazing friend that will live forever in our hearts.Jason Klittich - December 22, 2015
What a lovely memorial to your handsome boy! I love all of the photos and the stories about his amazing life <3 Much love and many hugs to all who loved that adorable face! <3Dr. Dawnetta Woodruff - December 18, 2015
I love you boy and I really, really miss you. It's so empty around here without you.RANDY KLITTICH - December 18, 2015

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