7/4/2006 - 12/20/2015A loyal, gentle and magnificent companion, he was the partriarch of the dog park. All the dogs loved and respected him,he always protected and went to the aid of smaller dogs that were picked on by others. He was a great hunter (Jaeger is the German word for hunter) and was feared by squirrels everywhere! He was so gentle with children and took treats slowly and gently from anyone kind enough to offer them. Our lives were forever changed and enriched by sharing ours with him. There will be a huge void that cannot be filled but we thank God for the time we shared with this wonderful and gentle soul!
We are so thankful for Lap of Love who made his transition less traumatizing for all of us.
Mary HorrellDunedin, FloridaDecember 20, 2015
Light a Candle

So sorry for you loss! Jaeger was a great dog and will surely be missed by all!
Sending my thoughts and prayers!
Cori Shaw - December 22, 2015
So sorry for the loss of your loving, loyal companion and friend. You were lucky to have had him in your lives. Now that we have a dog I can only imagine how much you miss him.Lynn Neher - December 22, 2015
Jaeger, you are missed by all who love you. But your memory will live forever in our hearts.Jill & Dave Burrow - December 22, 2015
Jaeger, so handsome and loved! Rest well sweet, gentle boy.Dr. Nil - December 21, 2015
He was a bright light in our livesMary Horrell - December 21, 2015
Sorry for your loss, Aunt Mary Ellen and Uncle Dave. I know how much he meant to you.Tom Shaughnessy - December 21, 2015
Forever a good boy! My pleasure to have met you, Jaeger.Roger Spayer - December 21, 2015
A great dog and loyal loving friend I will miss you Jaeger.David Horrell - December 21, 2015
Light an eternal flame not just a candle for Jaeger... he is in a terrific place now... it was fantastic here on earth with all his dog buddies and squirrels but we understand the pain was more than any should have. You will be missed by all your buddies and by the dog guardians as well. You know we were just here to watch you have fun, someday we will all watch the fun again.Nancy & Dan Dunne - December 21, 2015
You will be missed down here on earth Jaeger. I hear there are a lot of squirrels over the Rainbow Bridge. Look for my dog Sammy and you two can be best of buds chasing squirrels. Cindy, Molly, myself, all your friends from the doggy park, your Mom & Dad will hook up with you when it is our time. Run free of pain Jaeger.Shirley Costa - December 21, 2015
Jaeger was such a wonderful soul! My Reena loved him dearly, and I even considered Jaeger to be "her boyfriend". Whenever I mentioned his name, her ears would pop right up! I will miss Jaeger running up to me and greeting me at the dog park, and the way he always protected Reena whenever she was uncomfortable with another dog. R.I.P. you beautiful soul. I hope there are millions of squirrels in Heaven for you!Valerie Schlacher - December 21, 2015
He was a great dog, and he will be missed.D. Woozer - December 21, 2015
Always enjoyed seeing Jaeger when we came to visit. RIP sweet boy Michelle Woods - December 21, 2015
Jaeger was a noble and brave soul. Strong and gentle, both. He was a blessing in the lives of so many, and will be missed immensely. Thank you, boy, for touching our lives. May the next phase of your journey be blessed by God. Until we meet again...Kokie Spayer - December 21, 2015
You have been a joy in my friends life I light this candle so you will always be rememberedJean Leonard - December 21, 2015

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