9/2/2006 - 9/4/2015To my Chipper puppy,
On 9/2/06, I found you at the humane society. I knew you were the puppy I wanted. I was going to camp out over night there so no one else could get you. Daddy died on 8/5/06, you saved me Chip. I had you to take care of me and I took care of you. We went to puppy school and intermediate school. You were the smartest puppy there and we did so well together with all of the things we learned. We were a team. You taught me your game of running off. I would get so frustrated with you. All you wanted me to do was chase after you. That was the game. Once when you wouldn't come back to me, I said I was gonna take you back to the humane society. I wouldn't have really taken you back, Chip. I prayed to my mom to help you and me, and the next day, I saw and felt a difference in you. My mom, your grandma, is waiting to meet you Chip. I know Daddy would had loved you too. He had the fence repaired. He knew you were gonna live with me and wanted everything to be all set for us.
The first time we went down to Cuba, you wanted to take on those bees. You were so cute. You were still a runner - almost around the lake and up to the dam. You got Jeff for me one time. I put you in the house while I went to Church. He went ahead and tied you to the light post on the patio. While he was barbecuing a steak, the snap on the robe broke and you were off. You, and of course you were, gonna play "catch me if you can". MK said he cursed a lot, somehow, you let him catch you, however his steak was toast. Thanks Mom, the only reason that snap broke was you getting pay back for me. You weren't a lab who like to swim a lot, but you wanted to be in the water with me. I put you on the blue raft and held on while you floated around on it. You went in the sailboat and swam all the way around the dock to get into the boat with me. Oh - the pontoon was yours! You'd come running to ride on the boat with me. You sitting on your seat, watching the scenery or taking a nap. What joy that was for you and me. When the boat was in the slip, me reading/dozing off on one side and you snoozing on the other. What joy that was for me to watch you and share those time with you. Eventually, you would hang around the house more often and come around to check around to make sure I had not gone off and left you. Some times you even realized we were getting ready to go home and you would just hop into the car and say to me - "Homeward James".
Once we found the dog park, you were so excited to go there. At first, you played with other puppy dogs, but eventually you wanted me to just walk around the perimeter with you and play hide and seek behind the trees. You were so tickled when you found me and came charging over when you saw me. After that and if it was hot, you would take a dip and swim around in the pond to cool off.
You really had me worried the day at Castlewood, I had you on a long rope and would let you walk ahead with it. The day you saw the deer and took off after it. I thought you would follow it and get lost. How you didn't get that rope caught on something, I'll never know. Oh, yes I do. Your guardian angel, your grandma, she watched over you.
Chip, I never went for a walk for me. It was always your walk and I just went along. Most of the time, you would even pick the direction, we stopped and you sniffed the ground and the air and other dogs we met along the way. Remember when we saw the coyote on one of those walks? And the squirrels, oh my gosh the squirrels, you even pulled me down trying to run after one. I never talked on the phone or had headphones in. The walk was ALL yours, I enjoyed it and talked with you during it. We were BEST FRIENDS.
You ran around the backyard with my pillow and my bra, you stinker, but at the lawn mower wheels, at thend of the blower and at the water coming out of the hose.
Rita was your only cousin at first. Then came Sammy. That was an experience, this young pup playing with you and driving you nuts all at the same time. Now there is Charlie, the rambunctious puppy. Just sit back and watch Charlie drive Sam nuts. Paybacks are fun to watch, huh Chip?
How you loved chasing the squirrels along the back fence. Always thinking you would catch one. Chasing after the hawks as they flew overhead.
Chip you have been my responsibility since the day I adopted you 9 years ago to the day God carried you to heaven. Everyone comes to this decision and it is gut-wrenching. Only another pet owner can even come close to sort of understanding. How do I determine how much enjoyment and quality of life. Quality, what does that mean? Sleeping in the sun or shade, eating cookie treats, me petting your ears and making mushel bushel with you. What about walking up the street with me, even though it is slow. What about sleeping in my bed with me and being right by me when it thunders and storms. Is it quality of your life to be in the room with me and listening to me talking to you? Is it quality of life to ad all these things without being in pain?
My quality of life was not good for a while, but you stayed with me and got me through darkness. How do I decide what your quality of life is? I should be with you so you are able to get through this darkness. Was this your job, to be with me and get me happy by having you as my best friend? Have you finished that job and it is time for you to move on to heaven? I don't want you to not be a happy dog. I'm responsible for your health ,safety, and happiness. Have I taken good enough care of you Chip?
I promised to love and take care of you always, when I adopted you 9 years ago. You loved and took care of me just because we were best friends. I have to honor your trust in me from the day I adopted you until your last day as my family. I have to take care of you the best I can. When the time comes, I have to to take care of you and make that decision for both of us. You saved me Chip and I saved you. You are the best dog in the whole wide world. I love you so much bunny.
Marsha HummelEllisville, MissouriJanuary 6, 2016
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What a beautiful version of your life with Chipper! I feel like I knew him so well after reading theses stories! I know you miss him dearly... but you made the very best decision for him. You loved him enough to set him free! **hugs**Dr. Dawnetta Woodruff - January 6, 2016

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