5/7/2016 - 1/3/2016It is with heavy hearts that we said goodbye to our beloved Nelly. She had been with us almost all of her 14+ years and we loved her so. She was our 4th daughter and the true princess of our family. We always knew that this day would come but we were not prepared for the heartbreak and sorrow that followed. We know in our hearts that we did the right thing for she started to show the signs of true suffering. We just couldn't let that happen no matter how much we wanted to hang-on. We thank Lap of Love- from Cheryl who took our initial call, and Laurie who scheduled our time to Dr. Matt who showed such love, compassion and empathy- all of whom were caring and wonderful. We thank you so much for being there and for providing this wonderful service for all pets and their owners.Michelle KainFort Lauderdale, FloridaJanuary 6, 2016
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Miss you Nelly girl! You were the first dog your sister Lauren ever loved. Will always remember you and have good memories of you. xoxo, your adopted 5th sister, AshleyAshley Kessler - January 21, 2016
Nelly -- I remember coming home from the summer and meeting you. Of course you were a female; Mom and Dad's 4th daughter and our sister! We begged for a dog forever and then Mom and Dad finally gave in right before Courtney went to college. Perhaps they gave in and got a dog to fill in the void of Courtney moving to Boston. Once Courtney was gone, I had to yell at someone in the morning and, like Courtney, you weren't great at listening to me :) Thank you for years of love, playfulness, and happiness. You were a stubborn Wheaton Terrier from the day we got you until the day you left us. Maybe it was your stubbornness and persistence that helped you persevere until the very end. Enjoy your chicken, cheese, and ice cream in doggie heaven with Gambit. We love you and will never forget you.Lauren Kain - January 19, 2016
Your puppy is keeping your bed warm in heaven. So sorry for your loss.
Eneida Patricolo - January 8, 2016
I have so many happy memories with you, Nelly! I remember coming home after a month of summer camp to this little puppy running down the hallway and me yelling "is this my dog?!?!". The one time we walked all the way to TY park in Hollywood, FL and you were too stubborn and lazy to walk home so I carried you the rest of the way. My best friend remembers you always hanging out by the AC vent because you liked the breeze. You always went through the waste basket in my room to make a mess, and even though you knew it bothered me, you would just wag your tail and I could tell you were smiling. You were such a Nervous Nelly and a sassy little girl, with a big personality and heart. You truly were a spoiled rotten Wheaton Terrier! You're now allowed to catch all the frogs and lizards in heaven, eat endless Yogurt Land, cheese, and chicken. I promise to always remember the good times. Love you to infinity and beyond xoxoxoDanielle Kain - January 8, 2016
Dear Michelle & Robert,
Our fur babies will always have a special place in our hearts forever. While it is so difficult to deal with such a profound loss, take comfort in knowing that Nelly's time with you enriched her life as it did all of yours. She was so loved and well cared for and had a wonderful life. Where she is now there is no pain. We hope she is playing with Auzzie at Rainbow Bridge.

All our love,
Laurie & David
Laurie Kafka - January 7, 2016
We didn't know her for a very long time, in fact we only met Nellie twice. But we're happy we had the opportunity. Nellie meant the world to you and your family and we are so sorry for your loss.Helene & Steve Kraft - January 7, 2016
Much love to you and the family. Nelly will always be in your hearts...that never goes away. Thank goodness for Rainbow Bridge!

Ellen Levine - January 7, 2016
With time the pain will subside, try to focus on all she added to your lives not her loss.James/Gary MacDonald-London - January 7, 2016
so sorry for your loss, but am so glad you were able to provide such excellent care through Lap of Love to the very end.... must be a big consolation that you could do that for Nelly. With sincere sympathies, John and CarolCarol & John Velocci - January 7, 2016
We will miss having Nelly here with us and visiting with usEllen and Pat Kotler-Buck - January 7, 2016
Our home is empty with out you. But as each day passes we remember all of the wonderful times we had together and know that you are happy and free to run and play in doggie heaven. You will remain in our hearts and thoughts forever sweet girl.Michelle & Robert Kain - January 7, 2016

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