10/26/2000 - 3/24/2013Nikki was a precious black standard poodle with a joyous disposition. Her overwhelming energy was uplifting and her happiness was contagious. Her unconditional love was evident from the very start-- she never met a stranger and loved all she came in contact with. Nikki was very easy to please and her two favorite things in the world (aside from people and other animals) were a felt green tennis ball and a rich green stalk of broccoli. Looking at the simplistic nature of her favorite things has caused us to ponder on and learn so much about ourselves and life in general. From Nikki, we learned that simplicity is the key to happiness and that being surrounded by the ones you love is the only thing that matters. We learned that unconditional love was a God- given trait, evident by Nikki's ferocious tail wagging, running to greet you and huge smile. When you stopped petting Nikki, she would gently nudge you with her nose to let you know that she loved the love you were giving her and wanted even more. Nikki's love and happiness brought our family and all those who knew her closer together. Her smile was endless and her overflowing heart was contagious. She loved everyone she came in contact with and made everyone feel like they were the most important person in the world. As said so perfectly by Dr. Sara Fletcher, "Nikki's spirit became too beautiful for her body." We have so many joyous memories of Nikki and how she enriched our life in so many ways and continue to thank God for her every day.Wanda GradyGreensboro, North CarolinaApril 3, 2013
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Sweet Nikki, your eyes told us everything. Your soul became too beautiful for your body and we gave you back to heaven. Thank you, Sweet Nikki.Sara Ryan Fletcher - June 18, 2013
- April 5, 2013
"Girl". She was our "Girl"!! Nikki was our precious "Girl" in our immediate family of male labs and so that was our affectionate nickname for her.
I can only smile when I think of her. Girl is so very much missed by all of her extended family, too. Those last days were gut-wrenching days for all of us, but especially for Elizabeth, Wanda, and Ruffin as they struggled with holding on or letting go. For Nikki's sake, they bravely let go at just the right time. But, "Girl", thanks for the memories. They are a beautiful way to hold on to you and all that you embodied in your all too short 12 years here with us. In the end, even the pain of losing you can't wipe out the immense joy and depth of companionship you brought to those who loved you. Remembering hikes, car trips, fetching, licking, jumping, leaping, etc. Thanks for the bond you had with my Banks and Caleb, too. You are missed!!!!
Gail Dove - April 4, 2013
Nikki was her given name but we called her "GIRL" with some southern accent to it!! She loved hearing that and would tilt that sweet head of hers as to say, "yes mam?" She was so very the extent that when we visited her or she visited the mornings she'd make her rounds to wake everyone up with that little nose nudge and you could almost feel the breeze from that jetted pom pom of hers. She was a best friend to Rhett Butler...she'd just let him be and they'd just hang out together. "GIRL" you are so very missed and yet each time I think of you which still is very often, I smile a big smile. Thanks for all your love! There will never be another Nikki GIRRRLLLL!Aunt Choudie Tate - April 4, 2013
To my precious "sister" and best friend-- you are never forgotten. You never failed to put a smile on my face and always put me in a good mood. Thank you for always showing unconditional love, even when I would dress you up in costumes and dance around the house with you! I have so many precious memories of you and cannot imagine, nor remember life without you. I love you so much, "girl!" You are never forgotten and I thank God everyday for giving you to our family and the love you brought us.Elizabeth Grady - April 4, 2013

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