10/15/2002 - 2/27/2016Abby was our first Westie we brought into our home - our first home - first Westie. She was spunky and loving. She had some rough times over her lifetime when she suffered from white shakers syndrome - not once but twice. She hated rain. She really hated the snow when our family moved from Florida to Ohio (only 1 year though). She was very happy to return home to Florida. She also suffered from addison's disease and went into shock when she was 4. The vets revived her then and she went on to make it to 13 and a half years old. She was momma to Dakota, Griff and Piper. She was part of "Triple Trouble" (Abby, Dakota and Griffith) for the Lionel Christmas cards in 2006 and memorialized in a painting in our home, her grandparents home and her cousins home by a great friend, Angela. She was foster mom to Murdoc and Jinni. She loved car rides and time spent camping (Wandering Wastes) at Disney - riding in the golf cart was a favorite too. She loved to sun bathe but really hated the pool (unless she was in her boat). She was loved by everyone she met. She always had a story and filled her parents in when they returned home. We will always love our Abby and she is very much missed by her human parents and her siblings (Dakota, Griff and Piper) as well as her extended family.Patricia / Douglas Baumann / DolanGulfport, FloridaMarch 10, 2016
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This year Dakota Joined you in Feb 2019. We have now lost 2/3rds of triple trouble. Play together again. We will always love you. Mommie and DaddyPatricia Doug Baumann Dolan - March 15, 2019
It has been 2 years and not a day goes by that i don't think about my abby. Dakota and griff have very much missed their big sister. They loved you to the moon and back. Piper assumed your role when sky moved in 2 years ago just after you passed.. she sometimes talks to us like you did abby!!!! We will always love you and miss you. Mom and dad.Patricia / doug Baumann/dolan - April 3, 2018
Is will always miss my Abby. She was and will always be momma's favorite. Love you always Abby.Patricia / Doug Baumann / Dolan - July 8, 2016
Abby was the happy face of your Christmas card photos -She will be missed!! Be comforted that she lived a wonderful life.Kathleen Sealey - March 24, 2016
So beautiful and I'm so sorry for your lose.NANCY Gann - March 17, 2016
Ron Jinni and I will miss our sweet mother Abby. She will always live on in our hearts.Judy Reynolds - March 15, 2016
We are so sorry about Abby. She was such a part of your family and so loved. Our westies are our children. Hugs to both of you.Angela Trotta Thomas - March 12, 2016
I think the hardest part of losing someone isnt having to say goodbye but rather learning to live without them. .Always try to fill the void, the emptiness thats left inside your heart will then go.....
love you lots
Mike and Prudy Trieste - March 12, 2016
Abby was such a sweetheart! Her beauty really shines in the pictures. She will be missed and forever loved.Dr. Nil - March 12, 2016
My heart breaks for you Dr. B and Doug. I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your sweet Abby. She was absolutely a beauty... these pictures are so sweet! I hope you are comforted to know that you gave her an amazing home, all the care she needed, and love that all pets deserve. Love, RosemaryRosemary Mills - March 11, 2016
One last wagCawley - March 11, 2016
I'm with you Abby, Florida is much better than Ohio. You will forever be remembered.Keith Kreigh - March 11, 2016
We send our condolences on the loss of your baby girl, Abby. She will be missed by many. While we only had the privilege of meeting Miss Abby once we enjoyed her sweetness. She is now in heaven with our sweet girl Anie, and we're sure they are getting along great.Ken & Tammi Smith - March 11, 2016
Forever in your hearts!Barbara & Joe Koferl - March 11, 2016
I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I enjoyed hearing of all Abby's exploits over the years. She will be sorely missed. You and Doug have been wonderful parents to Abby and the other 3 pups. Our family's prayers are with you.Sue Griffith - March 11, 2016
Dr. B:
I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your beloved Abby. I know how much you two cherish your pets so I am sure this loss will be a hard one to take. My thoughts are with you and Doug at this time.
David Legman - March 10, 2016
What a beautiful picture of her. I'm so sorry for your loss but so happy you have such wonderful memories.Janet Waller - March 10, 2016
Lots of love to all of you during this time. Remember that she is currently playing with Shane on the Bridge!Harvey & Eddie Coleman - March 10, 2016
Love you spunky!!Mommie / Daddy Baumann / dolan - March 10, 2016

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