1/4/2004 - 2/15/2016My sweet lil Pepper, when you came into my life, it was filled with trepidation at two things, that you'd be taken from me because of a custody war or that you would leave my side in the physical world. The latter is coming true. I kept you during the worst time of my life, it was you, who kept me going, if I cried, if I sighed, if I showed any signs of pain, you were there by my side trying to console me, and at times trying to crawl into my skin to make it all better. No care in the world about yourself, but about making ME feel better, I took to hiding my pain in the shower, but no, my boy, somehow you knew and I would find you at my feet getting soaked just making sure his mamma was OK. How did you know?
After I saw the pain you were going through because of me, I vowed never to put you through that again. It was all for naught though because even when I tisked and or cried at a sappy movie or put up with losing teams, you sensed my discomfort. Always by my side, always loving on his mamma. It's been so hard these last few weeks trying to hide my sadness because I am afraid you won't want to leave me when you should because you want to help me.
Over the years I even had several opportunities to leave you for a job or a better opportunity, I just could not do it. The thought of leaving you broke my heart. Always by my side, always loving on his mamma, the best dang cuddler ever too!
I am sorry some of my nights ran long and you had to wait longer to go do your business but you waited and made me know you were mad, I loved that, I loved how you would pounce on me to let me know you were not happy! But as usual you didn’t stay mad for long.
I loved how you hated to be embarrassed, whether it was from something goofy you did or if I laughed at you during play and you took a tumble, you let me know, "it was not funny mom!" I loved how you allowed yourself to be a momma's boy, but when around a group of guys you wanted nothing to be a lil man, part of the pack and oh so proud, no babying me mom, not in front of the boys! But as soon as they leave, I love how you cuddle up on me and let me love on you. Such a Character!
You wanted to be carried on my hip, sadly because of that stupid cancer, you can't be carried like that anymore, but that is how you loved to sit while I carried you, your little arm on my shoulder, looking at people with those beautiful sweet brown/blue eyes that everyone loved, with the look like, that's right, I'm with mom.
I love all that you were in this world to me and others, such a sweet gentle boy from the very beginning. I was expecting all the things they said about Schnauzers, and you were none of them, just your own little personality of SUNSHINE, you absolutely LOVED people, patient and kind to other animals invading your home, or if we took care of other animals in their home. You chased birds and squirrels in the yard, but really was just a gentle one when and if you actually caught them. You loved little kids, especially those kids who just wanted to come up and hug you because you were about their size. So patient and loving, you loved the elderly and allowed yourself to be their one last pet. You weren't too fond of teenage boys but in the end if they took you into their pack you were just fine. You never once snapped at or bit or growled at any person or animal even when they did you harm. Always a respectful lil guy.
Boy were you smart, I knew I could leave you with ANYONE and they would have no issues with you because you knew everything, respectful and loving and oh my goodness did you love to hear laughter, I never saw such a thing, you absolutely loved it and got giddy when people laughed.
I loved our days of working in the yard, it didn’t matter how long I was out there doing lawn work, there you were getting dirty along side with me, chasing me to and fro. I will miss those days, and working in the back yard will never be the same without you.
I will miss how you if you were sleeping on the couch if I decided to go check mail, boom, you were up and attum to check mail with me and sniff around on YOUR pole! I never had to worry about you running away either, so, so smart, but I loved how trusting you were if friends would say, "come on let's go", your heart was so trusting that momma won't let him go with bad people, you would just jump in that car but look at me like, uhm mom, you coming?
I'll miss your black nose at the door, I will miss your nubby tail wagging and your sweet happy corn chip smelling toes! I'll miss you dreaming of chasing Lucy and barking in your sleep, I will miss our rides in the car, napping in the afternoon on weekends. I will miss you running round with me in the back yard. I will miss saying, “ok Buddy time to meme”, (meaning sleep time) and you going straight to the room so I can pick you up and put you to bed. I will especially miss your little growls at sounds you hear and you "talking" to me.
I will miss seeing you sit out by the patio door, to let me know that you just wanted to go out in the yard and lay in the sun, strategically placed, so you can monitor me inside.
I will miss the fact that you didn’t care about anything but just me, fat, skinny, stinky, didn't matter, just loved on his momma, wanted to be near his momma, when I have been sick, hung over, there he was, either egging me on to get out of the funk or just being his cuddle bug self. Attached to me like glue.
I will miss our dances, if I started dancing, all hell broke loose and there you were getting your groove on too!
I loved that I tried yoga at home, it was a fail because of, because any kind of hand, floor, body action, was an immediate attempt to get moms hands, YAY PLAY TIME! Sit ups? Forget about that, planking Pfff? Well, talk about sniffs to the face and attacks to play, yeah all a disaster. My workouts on the treadmill were with you watching me from the patio and that was ok!
Our walks along the West Orange Trail were legendary, everyone immediately smiled when they saw you, they could be in that work out zone and see you and immediately smile. You had that star quality my baby boy and you loved to party like no other, getting licks of beer, you silly boy, all the while gaining popularity with just your presence.
When we got the pool, wow, how you trusted me so much, and we'd lay in the sun together on the raft just sleeping, yours a deep sleep of comfort where I could tell you felt safe and your little sighs of comfort while we listened to the radio and the birds chirping. I loved how you'd also freak out because you thought people were drowning because you yourself weren't a great swimmer. Always worried about others, that’s you.
You filled my life, saved me from my worst days, made me a better person. You filled my heart and kept me from loneliness, all without wanting anything from me. A little angel to watch over me. I guess my gift has ended.
Our bond was amazing, I just knew what you needed, by just a look from you. I just hope I did enough for you, my selfishness wants to keep you here, but its not fair to you my sweetness to keep you around just for me. I didn't think your passing would come so soon. I am sorry for any and all things I put you through and I am sorry I cannot save you now.
You will be greeted by all who I have loved, who are and have been looking out for me and they will love and care for you too, that is why I know you will be OK, no more pain, no more worry, my sweet boy, you will be happy with your grandma and lil brothers and sisters who also left this world too soon.
Thank you Pepper Pabon, for all your unconditional love, for the years of companionship, the patience, and pure joy you brought to my life. You have meant more to me than most people will ever know. I will miss you here but will always have you in my heart, always, and I can't wait til the day we can play, cuddle and I can sit you on my hip again.
Irene PabonOcoee, FloridaMarch 22, 2016
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In memory of a great companion and friend.Laura Milham - April 7, 2016
Candice Adams - April 1, 2016
Pepper was just the sweetest companion. I am so glad he had such a caring and loving family. Thank you for taking such good care of him, he seems like he was the perfect fit for you. Rest in Peace, dear Pepper. Warmly, Dr AnnieAnnie Dion-Byrd - March 26, 2016
May the peace of the Lord be with you knowing that he is in heaven and you will one day be together again..Lisette Martinez - March 25, 2016
Liz Sanfeliz - March 25, 2016
Molly Townsend - March 25, 2016
Pepper, you loved without hesitation. You lifted our spirits. You brought joy to many. We miss you so much. We promise to take great care of your mommy like you did.Amy Calandrino - March 24, 2016
No matter how long we have them for, it's never long enough but MAN! Do they fill our lives with a love that is unequaled. Cherish that love.Maria Nieves-Stevens - March 24, 2016
I am so sorry for the loss of your precious one. Please be comforted in knowing that God takes each pet gently into His arms and places them on the lap of an angel...but in Pepper's case...on the hip of an angel. Sleep in Peace Pepper!Robyn Jennings - March 24, 2016
Cindy S. - March 24, 2016
We will miss seeing Pepper rounding up the doggies at the Paws in the Park fundraiser. He always looked so dapper in his themed outfits.

My condolences to you, Irene. I know your house must feel empty without your baby. Thanks for all you do for us.
Cindy Holloway - March 23, 2016
I am truly so sorry for your loss. Pepper was a wonderful dog and I know how much joy/love he brought you, or better yet the joy/love you both shared in each others company. Never forget the good times with him; he is looking down on you always.Alexis Regan - March 23, 2016

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