Cj Morton
1/17/2003 - 2/21/2016CJ was my Boy ! I love him as much as my 3 children and 4 grand children , he was just such a special dog to me , I'm having trouble trying to write something about him right now , it has only been 1 month .My missing him has not gotten any easier. I will always carry him in my heart forever.!!!!!! Any time id be getting ready for work or going away like packing a suit case to go away with hubby for weekend or just over night, he'd be right in my purse , suit case , husbands gym bag . he loved to be in a laundry basket too , he went threw so much sickness, surgeries , he slept on my head pillow every night he'd wait patiently for mommy to go to bed, other wise he was next to me on couch. If I were out side he'd be out on porch watching what I was doing at all times , he was my little shadow. and so deeply missed !!!!! he brought me so much love and happiness. He made me a better person by loving me. I could go on and on. CJ I love you every day and I will never forget you !!!!! I will see you in heaven my lil man !!Patty MortonHoliday, FloridaMarch 24, 2016
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