4/2/2016Found wandering on the streets with an imbedded collar 17 years ago, we named this young stray “Cindy Lou Who?” since she wore no identification. Little did we know how this little dog would have such a big impact in our lives. Over the years, her zest for life and naughtiness made us shake our heads …and laugh. Cindy Lou Who quickly became LuLu. She earned the nickname “Lucipher” for those times when her Australian Cattle Dog personality came alive…like the time when, within one hour of brining her home to live with us, she leapt up on the washing machine and out through an open window. In her early years, she would bolt like lightening out the front door – only to bound in and out of our neighbor’s bushes to chase squirrels and cats. She would hear us calling and chasing in frustration, look back at us and keep going…but she never went far and she never hurt an animal.
LuLu was fearless. We tried to channel her energy and high drive into something that she’d enjoy. She was a natural at agility and took to the equipment with no issues. The instructor was especially impressed that she aced the teeter-totter with glee. If it weren’t for the darned crickets that would jump nearby - and – Zoom! She was off the equipment and chasing them in the open field where we practiced.
Another “Lucipher” moment was when she was calmly enjoying a car ride in the back seat with the window half open. The next thing I knew, she jumped – as my car was going 25 MPH – to chase the squirrel she’d spotted. While my heart was racing at this dangerous move, LuLu was no worse for the attempt.
And once, when our neighbors were leaving our house, LuLu decided to use her herding abilities by biting at the man’s ankles. Ok – maybe this happened to more than one visitor. wink emoticon
It only seems right that I would take the time to share with others how perfect this imperfect dog was. LuLu, our hearts ache today and we will miss you so very much. Run with your brothers – and chase those cats and squirrels – until we see you again someday. LuLu, Doo Doo, Roo Roo, Roody girl, Lucipher. XXXOOO
S KOrlando, FloridaApril 8, 2016
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We miss our LuLu very much but I know she is loving being with Jackson and Raleigh. And I know she's always nearby.Susan Kendrick - April 16, 2016

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