Meejo Lanning
5/7/2005 - 3/13/2016" OUR PRECIOUS MEEJO"
The day you went to rest, you took a big piece of us with you.
There are no words to describe the heart break and emptiness we are going through without you and your sloppy chops.
You will always live within our heart and soul. We are forever blessed that us 3 were brought together in this life.
The world was a better & brighter place with you in it. You, Poo Poo will always be the smile on our face!!

Eternal Love, Mama & Papa
Lou and Kristy LanningNew Port Richey, FloridaApril 10, 2016
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Kristy Lanning - June 14, 2018
Think of you every single day and miss you more than words could ever say!Kristy Lanning - January 17, 2017
Gone from my life but never absent from my heart! Miss you like crazy PooPoo xoxoKristy Lanning - September 13, 2016
:(Kelli Pieniak - April 13, 2016
Meejo we miss you so much, you were such a beautiful, loving,happy boy. You are very much missed, not the same with out you big boy. Aunt cathy and Uncle John miss you awful. Love you meejo πŸ˜˜πŸ˜“πŸ˜’Aunt Cathy farrar - April 13, 2016
Meejo was a lucky boy to have such loving parents. I'm glad Kevin and I were in the group of people he loved. I hope he's in doggy heaven running around with Honey. And, I hope she's not bugging him too much. She was pretty overbearing for a dog half his size. We never feel like we have enough time with our furry loved ones even though we go into it knowing their lives are much shorter than ours. It's always tough!Laura Taylor - April 12, 2016
Lou (Papa) Lanning - April 11, 2016
Kristy Lanning - April 11, 2016

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