10/28/2005 - 12/15/2015My Keerah was being given away by her owner. I always wanted a French Mastiff. I couldn't see paying thousands, I just happened to see the ad on Craigslist. No picture. 3 hour drive. I felt it in my soul that I needed to go get her, she wasn't fixed and I just knew someone would grab her and breed her to death. It was love at first sight. The lady said she was 2 years old. Once their vet faxed my vet her records, 3 days after bringing her home, I found out she was almost 5. I cried, knowing this breed has an average life span of 5-6 years. I loved her so much already and couldn't fathom losing her so soon! She loved everyone and everything. We fostered hundreds of animals, kittens, cats, dogs, puppies, baby ducks, you name it. She cared for them all and loved them. She never met a living soul she didn't love and everyone who met her fell in love with her as well. She was my best friend. We were lucky. She made it to her 10th birthday on 10/28/2015. We found out she had bone cancer on 12/2/2015. I was told she had 3 weeks max. We helped her cross the rainbow bridge on 12/15/2015. Her body was too weak, she was in pain, and I didn't want her to suffer. Dr Annie from Lap of Love came to our home and it was so peaceful and dignified. My heart aches every day. On that day, I ended her pain but mine had just begun...Liz WilsonApopka, FloridaApril 23, 2016
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What a great picture! I am so happy I had the chance to meet Keerah. Rest in peace, sweet Keerah. Warmly, Dr AnnieAnnie Dion-Byrd - May 25, 2016
Your Keerah was a beauty! May she forever bring you happy memories. I know your pain. Just lost mysweet Halle 5 days ago and my heart aches.Joanna Santiago - April 25, 2016

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