4/23/2016My companion of 13 years, Laci, was guided across the bridge and pronounced at peace at 11.56AM. The crossing took place at her home in the country where she loved to chase squirrels and just run. She had 14 super years with lots of adventures and travel.

Unfortunately, she had multiple health conditions in her last few months. She was a fighter to the end, but I could not see her die a lingering death due to her will to live. I did everything humanly possible to help her, but Lap of Love was there to help me assess the alternatives in the end.

She underwent an experimental surgery, embolisation, to try an cure her unsectable liver tumour in 2014. She was one of two case studies used by the doctor who performed the procedure in a paper on the subject. She also took part in a clinical trial of a drug called beraprost. Her body has been donated to Penn's Veterinary School for autopsy. I hope her passing will provide useful information to help other dogs live longer.
Michael BannermanPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaMay 2, 2016
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I love Huey, but he isn't you. Lola is being good. Miss you lots, little girl.Michael Bannerman - December 28, 2017
I missed you pup when I went back to England. I wish we could all go back.Michael Bannerman - October 24, 2017
I miss you little girl.Michael Bannerman - April 23, 2017
I miss you always, little girl.Michael Bannerman - January 31, 2017
I think about you always.Michael Bannerman - December 21, 2016
Watch over your family this holiday season. In your family's hearts and memories forever.

Rest well.
Brad Bates - December 20, 2016
You came into my life 13 years ago today.Michael Bannerman - May 3, 2016

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