10/31/2001 - 3/25/2016It's been a little over a month that we said our last goodbye to Bosco. My heart still sinks a bit when I enter or leave my empty home expecting to hear his collar jingling and see his anticipatory ears perked for his hello head rub or invite for a car ride. Bosco became a member of our family when he was four months old already trained and house broken. He pranced on a leash, walking between my two young sons, ears and tail up with active eyes and mouth open in a smile. His only fault if I can call it that was his love run and play chase whenever the front door opened. He thought it was great fun. I did not share his joy at the time but as he aged I grew to treasure his ability to chase squirrels and rabbits. He loved car rides as evidenced by the dog slobber that became a hallmark on the passenger side of my car. There was such life and love in his spirit. He was the ultimate loyal protector and friend . I miss you so much dear Bosco!!! Rest in peace.

A close friend wrote this about Bosco shortly before he died
"My bestest and most favorite four legged friend, the most ruggedly handsome and wet snouted, brown-eyes-full-of-wonder canine is soon to depart this earthly plane. Rest soon dear Bosco. May you find yourself in a land where the grass stretches on forever, the smells innumerable, and the squirrels are unusually fat and slow"
I couldn't say it any better than that!
Maryanne BarberDes Peres, MissouriMay 3, 2016
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What gorgeous pictures of that handsome face! <3 It was such an honor for me to be a part of Bosco's final moments with you <3 Thank you for trusting me to care for him at such a tender time! And many, BIG **hugs** being sent your way, today and always <3Dr. Dawnetta Woodruff - May 4, 2016

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