4/24/2002 - 4/18/2016It's been two weeks and three days since you left us and I still can't believe you're gone. I come home every day expecting to see your cute face in the window. I miss that so much. I miss your slobbery kisses, our daily walking dates and your goofy antics. I miss having my very own little shadow and sunbathing together in the backyard. I even miss things I never thought I would hogging the bed, your stinky breath and fur literally everywhere. I couldn't vacuum often enough! The house is so quiet and cold without you. We miss our best friend. We talk about you often and we will cherish our memories of you forever.Heather CarthyMission Viejo, CaliforniaMay 5, 2016
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Hugo was such a sweet boy! I will never forget him and still think of him often. I loved seeing all the pictures you posted here. What adventures he enjoyed with you and what beautiful memories you have shared.
A Pet's Peace
"I have left you now but please don't be sad, you gave me all the love you had. You did so much for me in my time here & I'll always hold those precious times near. I know someday you'll find love again and into your life will come a new friend. Your heart will heal, though you'll never forget memories like the first time we met. Memories are wonderful, so keep them close and remember all the good times the most. Up in Heaven for animals is where I'll be and someday in the future, each other we will see. I am at peace now so don't be sad. You gave me all the love you had."
~Tracy M. Johnson
Heather & Jake my thoughts are with you and I am sending you peace and comfort every day. What a lucky boy Hugo was! He will always be remembered <3
Warmly, Dr. Amanda
Amanda Page - May 8, 2016
I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost My baby Too and my life is forever changed... this candle is for Hugo what a Wonderful Dog !Wendy Wilkinson - May 6, 2016

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