4/7/2016Dear Lacey, when we rescued you, those bladder stones were painful! I don't know your history of the previous years, but we gave you our best shot. We nursed you through the operation, and you went from scrawny 45lbs to 70! We had a whole regimen of daily pills and special diet. You were up and chasing squirrels and cats! You got to harmonize when a siren went by on the street. You guarded the house and wore a path to the gate. We had wonderful walks through the neighborhood, and occasional trips to the dog park. Sadly and much too quickly your health failed. Several vet opinions and the X-rays confirmed the sad news. We picked a nice shady spot out back and called Dr. Annie. For a couple days we cuddled and stopped all the medicine except pain killers, and had favorite treats. Dr. Annie came to the house and you amazed us when you jumped up and barked-always the Protector! But then you laid down beside me and we cuddled till you went to sleep. Just think, no more medicines, no baths, no teeth brushing, no nail filings. Just those favorite treats, lots of cats & squirrels to chase and we'll be along soon and meet you at The Rainbow Bridge. Love, Mom & DadJohn WeyrickOrlando, FloridaMay 5, 2016
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Thank you for sharing those pictures. Lacey was very lucky to be loved and cared by you. I am sure she is watching over you and waiting patiently until you all meet again. Warmly, Dr AnnieAnnie Dion-Byrd - May 25, 2016
Weyrick - May 9, 2016
yes Lacey we loved u u r always in our heartshanna sanders - May 9, 2016

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