1/31/1993 - 4/28/2016It's been a week since Gus left us behind, and we miss our sweet old sir so much. We miss his loud, happy purr that he seemed to make with his whole body. We miss his funny rounded nose and his pretty blue eyes looking up whenever he saw us, and the way he came over to sit with us as soon as he saw one of us on the sofa. We miss his constant cuddles and how happy he always seemed to be around us. Even at the end, when he was in pain, he seemed to only want to be around us. We miss his long, loping legs and the little section of fur on his tail that always looked disheveled even though he groomed meticulously. We miss his funny creaky meow, and we even miss how he could make it sound so grating if he really wanted our attention. He was very good at telling us what he wanted, or taking us to it if we didn't understand what he was saying--especially when he wanted food. We miss how he would bump his head against ours and purr to show us he loved us. We miss his weight on the bed at night, right between us, and how he would still be there in the mornings, snuggled against one of us. Our home feels so much emptier without him here. Even though he was part of our lives for only five of his long years, we will always be his forever family. He will be in our hearts every day until we see him again.Kristin WallsDurham, North CarolinaMay 6, 2016
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Let Gus May rest in peace, I had alot of kittens and cats who died too, But, I hope you're kitten goes in heaven and doesw have a good life in there.Grox Nomidos - May 28, 2016
He was well loved and blessed to have such wonderful care in his last years. Loving thoughts and prayers.Kimberly Neas - May 12, 2016
Old Man Cat Cuddles.Alexandra Hesbrook - May 10, 2016
Always our kittyBen Walls - May 9, 2016
He clearly was much loved. Hugs to you. ~Dr. DanaDana Lewis - May 9, 2016
Kitties have a way of knowing which lives to wander into and when it's time to leave. He knew who he belonged with.Leah Bluestone - May 9, 2016
We love you, Gus.Kristin Walls - May 9, 2016
What a Sweet Soul May you Rest In Peace GusWendy Wilkinson - May 9, 2016

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