Prince e. paws
4/4/2002 - 3/25/2016Prince was a sweet, gentle, loving little man with a confident & determined personality. He was my world and I wish everyday that he were with me. Everyone that saw him admired his rare beauty and perfect proportions. He was large for a Shetland Sheepdog which made him an unusual beauty. He would put his head down and walk into you pressing his head against you, giving you a hug. He was perfect and the world is a less beautiful and sadder place without him. He was a rare gem with unconditional love in plenty.M PHenderson, NevadaMay 15, 2016
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thinking of you dear sweet PrinceMelanie Picconi - November 13, 2018
I love and miss you sweet PrinceM P - December 25, 2017
I love and miss you every minute of every day.m p - October 9, 2017
I miss you every minute of every dayM P - April 14, 2017
I miss you =(Melanie Picconi - January 14, 2017
Dear Prince,We thank God for sending you to share your life with us.You were a special gift that stole our hearts and brought joy to us all.Your spirited and warm greeting always made the day a little happier.Your picture over my desk shows how majestic yet gentle a "little Man" you were with your "fat"white paws.I miss you dearly.
MJP- May 18,2016
mario Picconi - May 18, 2016
Prince E.Paws proved himself in every respect to be a true Prince and gentle man. Since I knew nothing about dogs, he stole his way into my life and heart gently, teaching me patience and generosity. Our walks bonded us in a love of nature, beauty and solitude. He was a noble spirit who loved and cared for us as much as we loved and cared for him. I feel blessed to have had such a special gift and treasure his memory.Irene Picconi - May 18, 2016
SMP - May 16, 2016
We miss you Paws, paw up!Reno Picconi - May 16, 2016
I met Prince when he was still a little man Tate. He was the nicest and best Wolf Man ever. He had a great life, and met lots of wild beasts and explored and conquered many lands. I wanted to get Husky for myself, but after spending time with Prince I decided I wanted a Sheltie just like him. I didn't know a lot about dogs and thought my Sheltie would be exactly like Prince, but the fact is Prince was a very unique Sheltie Man the likes of which the world will not see again from another Sheltie. He was a little Big Man, I'm convinced his mother was actually Lassie (a small female Collie), and his Dad was a Sheltie - that's why he was a little bit taller than all his family members. He will be missed and remembered forever, truly the best little man I ever met.Greg Wilson - May 16, 2016
Beautiful picture and tribute to a great friend ! Thanks for sharing!Dr. Toby Goldman - May 16, 2016
I wish that you are where everything is pure joy and love for you dear, beautiful, wonderful Prince.M P - May 16, 2016

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