9/10/2002 - 5/16/2016Sydney was quite an independent soul....born on a farm, he had spunk! He loved nature and spending time on the deck and the yard. He was sneaky...waiting for the dog's breakfast and licking all the gravy before doggie could get anywhere fact, Fiona (our lovable Snoodle) would wait patiently for Sydney to get his generous! Sydney was a kitten when we welcomed him to our home and lives...he watched our boys grow up and waited for them to return home on the school bus to play. He was playful and loving when he felt like it and regal most of the time. He hated when we introduced a puppy to my home but eventually welcomed him and it wasn't long before they became pals...cuddling up and being good company for each other. Sydney got sick a few months ago...stopped waiting for his breakfast...lost interest in his usual comfy spots...eventually ate less and seemed sad. He hated going to the vet with a passion...we did not want him to have a traumatic experience and that's when we found Lap of Love. So kind, compassionate and competent. Sydney's passing was peaceful and swift and he was at home...where he wanted to be. We will miss him but are comforted that he did not suffer...he sleeps peacefully and will forever remain in our hearts and memories.Carla ForteMorristown, New JerseyMay 17, 2016
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Sydney was such a handsome boy and his markings were just beautiful! He was lucky to have you! <3Dr. Sandra - June 1, 2016

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