12/28/1998 - 4/29/2013Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge, you will live on in our hearts and always be here with us. We miss you so much and love you more!Sharon BabotFairfield, CaliforniaMay 2, 2013
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Max, you gave Sharon unconditional love. Now, you are in heaven running around and having the time of your life. You are in our hearts and we will miss you.Pam Brousse4au - May 6, 2013
Oh Maxi, my good boy. You have left us in life but not in spirit. Thanks for all the love.

P.S. I ratted you out on your being Jewish. Sorry man.
Dogless Plohan - May 6, 2013
You were at every house party Sharon had - you were loved by all and fed by most.Anna Karen - May 6, 2013
Wow..what a great run you had, Max. You touched so many with your gentle heart. I have many memories, but I treasure most your greeting me at the door with such deligh that we had come lto see you.Till we see you again at the Rainbow will always be in our hearts. Enjoy your new freedom there.Carol Badilla - May 4, 2013
So many delightful memories of Max.....greeting guests at the door, watching Sharon as she moved about the kitchen and enjoying little snacks from guests at gatherings. You will be missed dear Max......but always remembered.Gloria Dauer - May 3, 2013
I hope my Tootsie doesn't chase you around Maxi. Will miss you always.Debbie Estrada - May 3, 2013
Baby shower, yacht club treats (because you loved to go for rides), fun playing and running around with kids in the backyard, kitty girlfriend, drool and asking for attention...all fond memories of Max and his life. Rest in peace.Chris, Michael and Allison Heinrich Upton - May 3, 2013
Bless Max for being such a loyal pet to my dear friend!Kathy Hahn - May 3, 2013
Max was such a great dog whether in the house or in the car. I remember when he ate Kristi's homework. He will be remembered fondly and missed even more.Candy Greene - May 3, 2013
I have always loved telling the story of the shower we threw for Sharon when we new you where coming. What a delightful fun day that was and everyday after that for Sharon and friends having you around. Will miss you Max but will always love you.Monica Ligons - May 3, 2013
Oh Max, You gave and got so much love in your 15 years. RIP, you gentle soul.Ritch Taranto - May 3, 2013
Your light will always burn brightly in my heartSharon Babot - May 2, 2013
I will miss Max a lot. It will not be the same without having him next to me sneak morsels of food. Not to mention when I am at the house alone and he is not following me everywhere! Rest in peace Maxi....Debbie Pieroni - May 2, 2013
Max was such a gentle old soul. I will miss his greeting at the door when I come to visit.Teresa Geyer - May 2, 2013
No one ever listened so intently or kept secrets so safely. Loved ones come in all breeds, don't they?Joanna Lyons - May 2, 2013
Enjoy bacon and eggs every day for breakfast Maxy Boy!J & D Abbott - May 2, 2013
Remembering the day Max came home, the puppy shower and so many great memories in all the year between then and now. Visits will not be the same without Max politely begging for food. You had a good run, Max, and will be missed!Gigi Ioakimedes - May 2, 2013

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