7/1/2016In loving memory of my sweet, thirteen and a half year old girl Molly. I met Molly when she was just 3.3lbs on a farm outside of Buffalo, NY. I was in college and sure I was ready to take on adopting a puppy, and she was one of eight puppies in her litter. I was so overwhelmed after the hour and a half drive out there to find multiple litters of puppies in a not great situation. I quickly picked Molly for her white chest, and we made our way back to Buffalo. I didn't know what kind of dog she was or anything, I just knew I couldn't leave without getting at least one puppy out of there.

Molly ended up with some respiratory and gastrointestinal issues. She gained weight to be about 7 lbs, and then was so ill she lost half her body weight. After a lot of vet visits and TLC, she grew stronger. While potty training was a nightmare with all of her diarrhea, I quickly realized she was super smart. She learned to sit, shake, lay down, roll over, and spin in a circle with ease. Molly was headstrong as they come though, and really hated walking on a leash.

We moved to North Carolina when she was eight months old. She adapted well to the south and soon was showing her true breed colors trying her hand at hearing me in the yard and zig zagging on the leash while walking. She was very stubborn, and even went through phases where she would show her teeth at me. We battled for who was the alfa dog and I was in way over my head. It took Molly about two and a half years to grow out of her puppy years and mature. We then settled in for some years of good companionship.

We moved around North Carolina, to Colorado, back to North Carolina, Washington, DC, around New York State (including NYC), and then back finally to North Carolina. Even though I know moving was stressful to Molly, she always kept right up with me and was happy to be by my side. We climbed mountains together, and even went to the ocean (which wasn't her favorite). She taught me so much about patience and friendship.

Molly was my best friend right up until the end. Even when her legs gave out under her, she continued to carry on like nothing was wrong. She guarded the house right up until the medication made her too sleepy to keep her eyes open. She was the best dog I could ever have asked for and the best protector anyone could want.

I will miss my Molly girl forever. I know she is running around again without pain, and I look forward to climbing mountains together again one day at the rainbow bridge. I love you Molly
Amanda GilmoreHaw River, North CarolinaJuly 3, 2016
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Hugs to you, Amanda. You are in my prayers.Betsy King - July 5, 2016

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