5/10/2005 - 6/24/2016Sassy was not only a pet, she was a part of our family...she was our friend.George HarperFranklinville, New JerseyJuly 4, 2016
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It was 4 years ago today that you left us...we still think about you. Every time I pass by a picture of you I smile. I miss looking across the room and seeing you laying on the couch....and watching you play with all of your toys. We miss you.George Harper - June 24, 2020
Still missing you baby girl. We think of you every day.Harper - June 18, 2019
Sunday was two years since you left us and we still miss you terribly. I still go out to visit your grave and talk to you. You have two sisters, Bella and Cass that I’m sure you would’ve loved to play with. We still think about you daily.George Harper - June 27, 2018
Today is one year since you left us. We still miss you tremendously. I still visit your grave and talk to you. Every time I walk passed the digital picture frame in the living room and your picture pops up, I stop and look...and tell mommy to look at our angel. Mommy and daddy love you Sassy girl.George Harper - June 24, 2017
It's been almost ten months since you left us Sassy and we still miss you and think about you every day. You have a new sister. Her name is Bella. We rescued her too. You would've liked her. She is playful and affectionate just like you. We know that you would want us to open our hearts to another rescue dog that deserves a furever home. I just wish you could've met her. I'd give anything to hug you one more time. Just know that we think of you daily.George Harper - April 7, 2017
Friday was six months since you left us. We think about you everyday. Today is the first Christmas that we didn't have you here. You always got so excited opening gifts and would be so happy with all of the new toys and treats that you always received. When we sat down this morning to open presents, I started to cry and your mom knew why. We both miss you very much!! I would give anything to have you back. Mommy and daddy love you Sassy girl...George Harper - December 25, 2016
Sassy, thinking of you this holiday season. Watch over your family.

In our hearts and memories, forever
Brad Bates - December 20, 2016
It's been 7 weeks today since you left us, and we still cry almost every day. We miss you dearly. We'd give anything to hug you one more time. Everywhere we look around the house is a memory of you. I miss not having you see me off in the morning when I go to work, and greeting me when I come home. I look for you at the foot of the bed every time I walk by it. We both think about you often. You were very strong and did not deserve what happened to you. We thought we had the cancer beat and we would get to spend a few more years together. You made our lives much happier when you were in it. We love you Sassy.George Harper - August 12, 2016
Sassy was a sweet beautiful girl and was very loved by her family. She had the best love and care and I'm sure she is running around in heaven on all four legs! She and her Mom were a pleasure to have as patients......Margie Vet Specialty Center - August 10, 2016
Harper - July 5, 2016

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