5/13/2005 - 6/25/2016Hugo, my best buddy and the World's BEST dog. He was a 165lb St. Bernard, but my family's gentle giant. He had a laid back personality and went with the flow. So sweet. He always leaned his whole body weight on your leg so you can pet him, constantly, under his neck. And then he would lift his paw and hit your leg as a reminder that you stopped scratching and you needed to continue. He also was a lover of marshmallows- which was the only food that made him drool (sometimes the occasional frog made him drool too if he licked them). He was school mascot at many soccer games and extremely popular on dog walks. Everyone would stop and ask his name, ask if they can pet him, how much he weighed, etc. He was considered "famous" among the neighborhood. He left behind two companions, a mini dachaund named Hurley and a yellow lab named Lily-who shared multiple weekends away at the Lake or the family's farm chasing cows. He was loved by all and will greatly be missed. Long Live the King of dogs, HUGO! xoxoxoxChristi JohaningmeyerSt. Louis, MissouriJuly 5, 2016
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What a precious face! He looks like a great big sweet baby! We are sorry for your loss.Donna Snyder - July 7, 2016

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