7/19/2016Dexter, you were a perfect surprise! You were Love in a fur suit! You strode into our lives with your smooth equine gait. The girls, Sasha Bella and Giagee, and I had kept a pleasant routine of walks and meals and play. We never suspected things could be better. Then you came along. You brought a different energy, a new perspective. I saw your reaction to the richness of our lives that I took for granted. I watched you flip toys in the air with a puppy-like Joy. Explore our home and property with rapt curiosity. Greet the neighbors as old friends. I watched you crush on Sasha Bella and win her over with your persistent play. You picked a spot on the couch and let Giagee know she needed to move. I loved how you stayed right beside me when we walked the yard. My hand was easily able to pet your head and scratch behind your wonderful floppy ears.
I miss your "old man" bark, your legs akimbo splayed out across the ottoman and your conscientious cleanliness. Our lives are forever changed for the better because we got to be with you!
Cindy Loc HornungIndianapolis, IndianaJuly 27, 2016
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I was there when you two first met. I am so glad that you found each other. It seems that we are forever changed by our loving dogs..Mike Wemhoff - July 30, 2016
Well written words for docile, loving, equine-esque Dexter. He was absolutely rad.Martha Graham - July 28, 2016
Sorry for your loss Loc. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Love youTammy Scott - July 28, 2016
Thank you for giving a senior dog a safe, loving home for the last of his days. I see so many senior dogs being abandoned by their owners when they need love and a family more than ever. He was so blessed to have you. Much love and many blessings to you.Angie Allen - July 28, 2016
Sorry for your loss.Noel Pinto - July 28, 2016
Dan Genatiempo - July 27, 2016

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