Precious Daughter
7/12/2016My Precious Daughter, I miss you so much. Time is not making it easier. You are and will be forever so special. I remember seeing you in the pet store, the cutest, tiniest chihuahua in a pen of other puppies. You were so small , You were supposed to be a teacup. I paid for a teacup. But, you kept growing and it did not matter.. I could not find a crate small enough, so I trained you in a little bird cage <3 I remember leaving a vet office and in walked a lady. She said "she is so precious!" and I replied yes, that is her name. Your gentle personality, quiet. I miss you licking kisses on my leg. I remember you barking , defending my bench at the dog park...your illness came on too fast. Your passing was too fast. you were gone before I knew it, I did not feel your spirit leave. you were just gone, a limp body. i too quickly wrapped the blanket around you and put you in the ground. i wanted to unbury you that night just to hold you longer. but, was encouraged not to. Your sister Heidi misses you. Long days alone, while I work , so I adopted another. But, it is you I want. My sweet little gentle girl. I will speak with you soon in a medium reading. And I will be with you won't be at a rainbow bridge, you will be on the other plane, just a few feet away. in fact, you are probably right here as i type. I love you, my special girl. thank you for accepting my quiet nature...i did not always have to be chatting for you to know how much I loved you. Forever my Precious Daughter.Jill MatthisMargate, FloridaJuly 27, 2016
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Beautiful words for a beautiful dog. She will be terribly missed but wonderfully remembered.Jordan Taheri - August 1, 2016

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