7/4/2016 - 7/27/2016We made the difficult decision too put our beautiful, smart, loving, 8 year old white Boxer down after unsuccessful treatment for T-Cell lymphoma. Dr. Carly was on time and absoultely compassionate and professional. She treated Polo like she had known him as long as we have. It's been a week and we now have Polo ashes. It's been a tough loss to our family. But, highly recommend anyone who want to quietly and lovingly put their pet out of pain or misery.Kathy GouldCovington, LouisianaAugust 4, 2016
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By far rolling in that "pond" actually i think I heard your mom say it was a hole your dad dug in any case it was full of MUD!!!! I don't know if I enjoyed the running through your big beautiful yard chasing each other or the giggles from our moms and them trying to get the perfect picture even though they were yelling for us to stop. My mom still has the video, she says she is going to take your mom to lunch and share it soon. Polo you made being a teenager fun, Sorry DUDE that we won't get to grow old together. Hey find the perfect "HOLE" so when I see you again we can ROLL....Maverick chappetta - August 9, 2016
He is indulging in countless meatballs and running with every pet passed before him. He suffers no more. I am sorry that you now suffer with the loss of our goofy 'butler!'Judy Schmidt - August 9, 2016
So sorry Kathy for you to have Polo put down. It is a sad time, but time will heal. He is now where he no longer is in pain and doing well at this time.Joan Schmidt - August 8, 2016
We miss you Polo...Kathy Schmidt - August 8, 2016

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