3/22/2005 - 7/20/2016My husband had recovered from a stroke in 2004, when we got an 8 week male Siberian puppy we named Mishka(bear in Russian).From day one he loved riding in the car and wanted the front seat. He loved running around our property and chasing everything. We took long walks and he liked to pull his daddy in his wheel chair around the property. He knew he was disabled. He liked to sit with us by the pool. liked running around the fence line back and forth with Charlie next door. In the evening we would sit on the couch and watch TV and fall asleep. He had his own couch..mishka talked to us and we to him. He knew his Uncles car before it was at the house and was waiting for him and he would say out outside and they would go out. He loved to eat peanut butter,chicken and milk bones. WE loved him so much. Mishka became an angle on July 21,20016 exactly one month after his daddy my husband passed away. I have no words to describe my pain. But they have no more pain and they are together. I will forever miss them both.miriam marshhudson, FloridaAugust 9, 2016
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Very sorry for your loss. You have a lot of good memoriesGail Schierloh - October 8, 2016
No words can describe how I feel after reading your post. I am so sorry for your loss. I understand a little, as my sweet Daisy pug passed away a couple days ago. I just want you to know that there are people out there that care. I will be praying for you. God bless you!Katelin Carney - August 29, 2016
Mishka RIPBrit Hadley - August 23, 2016
U will be missed handsome boy.Ginny McCann - August 23, 2016
You will always be missedLeroy Ludeker - August 12, 2016
from who loved you!miriam marsh - August 11, 2016
So sorry for your loss. Keep the good memories alive!Monique Kuryliw - August 10, 2016

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