Lizzi Lu
6/13/2001 - 7/20/2016Sweet, silly, sassy Lizzi came to our family through Rescue. We had adopted another Aussie 10 months earlier and wanted to add to our fur family. At our adoption meet and greet, there were 3 pups up for adoption. It was clear to our family, LIZZI CHOSE US!! She was not going to let us leave with out her! We were incredibly blessed that she chose us.

We knew Lizzi was deaf when we adopted her, but did not realize her other health issues. However, nothing could hold this girl back from enjoying life to the fullest. We christened her with the title of 'Family Clown.' Lizzi kept us laughing. Lizzi loved puddles as long as the puddles were muddy, she would go out of her way to splash through a muddy puddle! She also love to eat crayons! Her psychedelic colored poop was always interesting to dispose. As a pup she could chase the dot of a laser pointer for hours as well as tennis balls. We always tired of the game well before Lizzi.

Even with her vision problems, Lizzi was the first to let us know of every leaf blowing by the window. The mail carrier and the UPS delivery person didn't stand a chance, Lizzi could spot him/her and 'save her family' by barking the perpetrator away as soon as the mail/package was delivered. Her tactics worked every time! Jack o'lanterns and scarecrows each Fall trembled when Lizzi walked by and reminded them to leave her family alone!

Our sweet girl faced her multiple health issues with grace and taught us all perseverance. She taught us you see and hear with your heart, not your eyes and ears. We miss her sweet cuddles and her silly quirks. We are so grateful her beautiful spirit is no longer in pain and she is running and playing with her sister, across the bridge. She is always in our hearts and her presence is continuously felt by all.
Monica RobinsonSt. Louis, MissouriAugust 14, 2016
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Our deepest sympathies from our family to yours. We have been through this twice and are facing our third, so we know how it feels. Run and play in peace forever more, Lizzi Lu.Lori OMara - August 14, 2016
Oh, sweet Lizzi! <3 She was such a precious girl, with an amazing ability to show those around her how to not just exist, but to thrive in the face of adversity! <3 It was my honor to help her (and her sweet canine sister!) when they needed us most <3 I know that you miss both girls terribly... but I know that they are running free now, able to see and hear perfectly! <3 **hugs** to you all <3Dr. Dawnetta w - August 14, 2016

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