10/27/1998 - 8/1/2016Caspian was our Russian Blue kitty with the sweetest and most beautiful soul. We had a bond and connection that I will never be able to explain, other than that she always felt like my little furry soul mate. For 18 years she slept by my side, and when my husband came into our life five years ago, she quickly approved of him and grew to love him as much as me, and slept by his side as well, sometimes even preferring to sleep in his arms over mine. I could not have been more blessed to have such an amazing companion in my life for almost two decades. I will forever be grateful for the many happy memories and all of the adventures that we shared (she was a little explorer like myself). I am inspired by her tough spirit that helped her survive on the streets until she was rescued, that helped her recover from a stroke four years ago, and that helped her endure and battle CKD for 3 1/2 years until her body could fight no more. While her body eventually shut down, her heart and spirit never did, and she left us in the most beautiful and serene way, looking out at the ocean with the sunshine warming her face, just like she always loved to do. I know she felt our love in this sacred moment as my husband and I held her while her soul peacefully left this world. As heartbreaking as it was to have to say goodbye, it was exactly how she deserved to leave us, and this brings us great comfort. She is now an angel in heaven, as she was to us here on earth. My sweet Caspian, Cassie, CeeCee, Caspita (your daddy's name for you), thank you for all of the joy you brought into our lives. Oh how I miss kissing your velvety nose and soft ears, and hearing your soft purring against my chest as we fell asleep together every night and again when you would nudge me awake in the morning. I miss the smell of your fur, how you would nibble my ear as I held you over my shoulder, how you sweetly greeted me every time you would see me with your little chirpy meow and how you would snore when you were in a deep sleep (which was quite often these last couple of years). I miss your loving and soulful emerald green eyes looking back at me. I miss your daily rituals, how the first thing you would do every time you woke up was run to your food dish to eat, how you would rub the side of your mouth on the bed posts which now are completely bare and discolored from your years of doing this every day. Every time I look at the bed posts, I think of you and miss you. I miss everything about you. I will always think of you when I walk on the beach and watch the sunset. Your daddy and I are heartbroken without you, and we will love you and miss you forever. Until we are together again, happy exploring.Meghan and ManuelSeal Beach, CaliforniaAugust 14, 2016
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Caspian was loved very much and I know she appreciated it and loved you both back! She will always be with you know matter what. RIPStella Fife - August 30, 2016
Mi Caspita
En Memoria a mi gatita Caspian. Durante todo este epoca que me hiciste feliz. Siempre recuerdo todos esos dias como que fuera hoy. Fuiste siempre muy amorosa y inseparable. Recuerdo que cuando abria la puerta de la habitacion siempre me decias "miau miau" y caminabas hacia mi. Cuando me a costaba para dormir por la noche siempre venias hacia mi y dormias a mi lado y en el transcurso de la noche que estaba dormido andabas caminando y regrasabas a dormir a mi lado y me mordias mi mejilla para que moviera mi brazo y te metias entre mis brazos y te dormias en un par de segundos empesabas hacer sonido con tu boca "rrrrrrrrrrr" y despues roncabas, Por la manana te levantavas y me despertabas con tus mordiditas y lenguetasos que me dabas en la mejilla hasta que me levantara para darte tu comida. Y mi esposa Meghan que estuvo contigo durante toda tu vida tuvieron muchas aventuras juntas viajando por avion y carro y caminando en la montana para ver la cascada . Caspian siempre estaba investigando donde llegamos. A la hora de comer su mama le daba su comida favorita Salmon se ponia muy excitada. Tu siempre venias a tu mama cuando ella se levantaba. Por siempre recordare todas estas caricias y el amor que me diste, tus ojos verdes y tu pelaje gris oscuro y tu mirada con tanta tranquilidad. Gracias por ser una parte de mi vida.Por siempre estaras en mi mente y corazon con mucho amor. Tu papa.
Manuel M - August 18, 2016
Sorry about Caspian, You had him for along time! RIPmatt fife - August 17, 2016
Caspian, How I loved hearing about and reading reading your Momma's stories of your life, your kitty antics and your adorable nicknames. I knew you were an angel the moment I saw you and my heart overflowed when I saw how completely your Mom and Dad love you. I am filled with gratitude that I was able to be with you and your family during such a deeply moving moment. Keep watching over them sweet girl, thank you for being wonderfully you and bringing so much love into your parents lives <3 Bless you sweet angel Caspian <3Amanda Page - August 16, 2016
What an amazing tribute! Caspian was so lucky to have such a caring Mama and a loving Papa! I know how hard this moment is but you have so many cherished memories of your beautiful friend that will live on forever for the both of you. We love you all! Matt, Nancy, Stella & Lincoln (Josie, Sugar, & Opal)Nancy Covello-Fife - August 15, 2016

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