3/27/1997 - 8/12/2016For almost 20 years this cat was a real pain in the ass. He poo'd outside the box, pee'd his disapproval, tore through any food substance mistakenly left out unattended (loaf of bread, bag of chips, sushi nori, even flour!), gobbled his sister's food before finishing his own, unabashedly attacked unattended party hors d'oeuvres, kept the yard free of virtually any sign of life, demanded structured feeding and bed times with relentless grating yowls, bit my elbows every morning, screeched in my ear, licked my leg raw, and required a daily medication regime for the last 10 years of his life that made it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for me to travel. Just think of the freedom I will now have! Why then, without him here, do I feel like I'm having a constant heart-attack?Barry ImhoffWest Palm Beach, FloridaAugust 15, 2016
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Hi Bear, I am just now seeing this tribute to Doorprize. I had the honor of knowing him all these years and saw how he looked at you with those big adoring eyes. Even tho he was a bad boy at times, you were the star of his world. He was one lucky kitty cat to have you managing his meds and and pushing the vets to get to the bottom of his health issues. You did a stellar job. Even his grave is a testament to your going above and way beyond to express your love.

Thank you for being there for me and Early xoxoxo
Betty Armstrong - August 21, 2017
Ted Moore took the words out of my mouth..."Laughter through Tears" favorite emotion. I desperately need a laugh right now as I face the loss of my furbaby Coco and I thank you and Doorprize for that gift. Rest in Peace Doorprize and my heartfelt condolences to Barry Imhoff.Cheryl Thompson - August 22, 2016
You made me laugh through tears! We had to let our yellow tabby, Woodstock, go earlier this week. I think he and Doorprize had much in common.Ted Moore - August 20, 2016
I hope Doorprize is playing with my Tabitha, who left me on August 16.Tiffy Barnett - August 16, 2016
I will always remember this beautiful cat sitting on his perch
Built just for him at the window. And who can ever forget that cute name.
Rest in peace handsome.
Kim Simons - August 16, 2016
and your name, Barry Imhoff, is very clever hahaMeghan M - August 16, 2016
I don't know you or your kitty, but your memorial really made me laugh which I need right now, so I just had to light a candle for this kitty that clearly left an impression not to be forgotten. What a hilarious piece you wrote about your Doorprize. I too have a cat that sounds just like yours, and kind of looks like yours too. Maybe it's the breed? Anyway, my sincere condolences to you as I'm sure you're missing your pain in the butt kitty. I just lost my older kitty after 19 years, so I can relate (and she wasn't' a pain in the butt but the complete opposite of my other cat, but I love them just the same).Meghan M - August 16, 2016

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