8/7/2004 - 8/2/2016My sweet Chloe dog, its been almost two weeks since your passing, and only now am I able to attempt to write this.The pain of losing you so quickly is hard to express as is the sadness we are still coming to terms with. You will never be forgotten my sweet girl and your paw prints will be forever on our hearts. You were always so very loving and loyal. I miss your snoring, believe it or not, along with our late nights together with the rest of the house asleep. I miss your treat dancing and the funny way you slept. I miss coming home to you, and our snuggles on the floor. We had a glorious 12 years with you, but I would do anything for just a few days more. Please wait for us on the Rainbow Bridge and know you are loved so very much. Your family misses you greatly. We love you more than I could ever say or write. Rest well, my forever sweet puppy Chloe.

Love, Mommy, Daddy and Emma
Heather RobertsOrlando, FloridaAugust 15, 2016
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She was a cutie and we all loved her....she's now getting those treats anytime she wants and is waiting in heaven to see everyone again!Nancy Ippolito - August 20, 2016
Sweet Chloe, I am so grateful to have met you even if it was only for a short while. I am grateful to have been able to help you pass peacefully with your family present. You were and are so very loved.Elizabeth Gill - August 16, 2016

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