1/1/2000 - 7/20/2016It's been six weeks since the passing of my sweet boy, Jasper. I miss him dearly, and I'm still processing my grief. He was my first all-indoor cat.
Most of the days have rolled by quickly, but some still surprise me with intense sadness at the loss of my cat. My morning coffe on the deck is not the same, particularly because he's not around to try to steal milk from my cereal bowl.
He brought me lots of comfort and joy and I try to maintain that perspective as I move forward. Sixteen years of memories isn't easily forgotten. He was more of a companion than I realized. My fuzzy guy is dearly missed.
Havala CzC'ville, VirginiaAugust 31, 2016
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RIP dear, sweet Jasper. You were a lovely boy and I'm so glad you are now reunited with your brother.Nora Glaser - September 7, 2016

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