11/21/2016In loving memory of my sweet Oliver.
You brought us so much love and joy.
You fought through too many trials and purred through them all.
It was so hard to let you go, but when all hope was gone it was the kindest thing we could do.
You had a beautiful day out in the world you loved so much and then went peacefully to rest at home.
You take my heart with you and I don't know how I am going to do without you there, but I feel you all around.
Until we are together again, I love you my sweet Ollie.
Linda Ramsay-WoodNew Port RIchey, FloridaNovember 23, 2016
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Anon - November 24, 2016
I'm sorry to hear of your loss, Linda. I'm sure Oliver was one lucky cat to have found you and your family to love. Hugs!Maria Pote - November 24, 2016
Dear Oliver, thankyou for taking care of your mommy for a little while. We know you angels stay for a long as needed, and we don't understand the reasons for which you depart the Earth, but we will always be grateful, to you, for being such lovable little bundles to take care of and keep company with. I think you did your job well, or your mommy, Linda, would not have posted here, and I think I hear you purring, from where you are...Christian Passy - November 24, 2016
So sorry for your loss. We lost our bunny and dog and my heart is still with a huge hole, I do not think it will ever be the same. But I remember all the smiles and laughs they both brought to our family. I think we are lucky when we find that perfect pet who has so much personality.Jan Stein - November 24, 2016
Oh Linda! 😪I know how much you loved him. You are a wonderful fur mommy, and he could not have asked for a better life. May his little soul rest in peace. Wishing you comfort at this difficult time. Love you.Jane Miller - November 24, 2016
RIP sweet Oliver. You were a blessing and inspiration to all who met you. Frolick freely little meow-meow. And deepest of sympathy to you miss Linda. Oliver couldn't have happened upon a lovelier mommy such as yourselfAnon - November 23, 2016
Linda, Nothing can be said to heal your heart of the pain you are feeling, just know we are a phone call away . Didn't see Oliver but a few times but he was a beautiful soul and he loved being in your presence that was very clear. Love you honeyRenna Caldwell - November 23, 2016
Aw Aunty Linda I was so sad to read your lovely Ollie.
He was such a character and so obviously delighted to have found you. I know you'll miss him so much.
Sending loads of love and hugs to you,
Nadia xoxox
Nadia Pye - November 23, 2016

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