11/1/2016My mom and sister used to pet sit Macy when she was a younger dog, she belonged to a friend of ours. One day he sent out a mass text asking for help rehoming her, she was 10. My sister and I decided that we weren't going to let our sweet girl go to anyone else. We let him know that we would take her, and on May 10, 2010 she came home. Macy quickly bonded to me and I became her person. She was my first dog and she went everywhere with me. A few years later my boyfriend and I had our first child, he was nervous about the dog b/c he had been bitten as a baby by the family dog. Macy was incredible with our daughter and rarely left her side. She was protector, nurse, friend, vacuum cleaner and cuddle buddy. When we had our second daughter, Macy was entering her last year. She proved, once again, to be a loving, patient companion to the baby. I knew when I got her that we had limited time, and I know that I probably got more time than I could have hoped for, but we miss her so much.
When it became clear that it was time for her to pass, we made her a doggie bucket list and spent the week spoiling her. I contacted Lap of Love and made the appointment for them to come out to the house. I picked the spot for her final resting place and dug the grave myself. On her last day I made her eggs, sausage and hash browns for breakfast, snuggled with her in a sunny spot on the front porch, and loved on her as much as I could. When Dr. Stacey came we moved her to the back patio and laid her down in the sunshine. I held her until long after she passed and my sister and I buried her together. My final act of love was to make her final resting place a beautiful little flower bed.
I am so incredibly grateful to Dr. Stacey for her understanding and compassion.
Kate StackOviedo, FloridaDecember 14, 2016
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In loving memory.Stacy Blake - December 15, 2016

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