11/15/2001 - 12/18/2016In memory of Mushka, a loyal, well-loved companion to my mom and dad until their passing. She was able to bide and heal with us for the past two years until it was time for her reunite with them. We will miss you Mushka-boo, but we will be seeing you again. Say a special hello to our best buddies, Raylan, Paden, Emily, Max, Cass, Gunny and Brunswick for us.

It was a blessing to have found Lap of Love and an honor to help make Mushka's final moments painless, stress-free and dignified. It was a very moving experience to be able to let her go as she lay in the comfort of her own bed. Dr. Ashleigh was very tender with Mushka and respectful of the whole process and of our feelings. I feel a great debt to her.
Mary KiefferMaple Valley, WashingtonDecember 19, 2016
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Thank you so much for bringing each one of your dogs to visit while in South Dakota. You are the best family an animal could ever have, always thinking of their needs and what would be best for them. Mushka was blessed to have the two of you on the last part of her journey...Cindy Bourne - December 21, 2016
Mushka was so loved by her humans, and she loved and embraced them just the same. What a sweet girl that brought happiness to her family, and smiles to friends who heard about her sweet spirit. I wish I could have seen the diaper waddle. I know you are running wild and free with your pack, Mushka. Sending. Lots of love to your Family, Mary and Rick. My condolences.
Sarah Johnson - December 21, 2016
I will always be amazed at how intune Mushka was to all who were around her. Especially Mom and Dad. She was very protective of both. Loved to go for car rides with them. Especially when Dad would take Mom for rides when that became the highlight of her life too. After Mom's passing Mushka would still go for rides with Dad anywhere it was appropriate. From the post office to the grocery store providing it wasn't too hot. Being an unusual mix of we believe husky and whippet, she was double coated.
She loved to play, chase squirls when she ran she loped and bounced. She was fun to watch and she was fast when she got up to a cantor. She loved and she was loved. I have so much gratitude for my sister Mary and Brother in law Rick being able to take her in when Dad passed as well. Her job was done caring for them and now she needed care herself. Thank you for giving her more life and awesome memories. Love, sister Martha
Martha Duval - December 20, 2016

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