3/11/2003 - 12/16/2016As Kermit/Bob Cratchit so wisely says in The Muppets Christmas Carol, "life is made up of meetings and partings; that is the way of it." We said goodbye to a family member on December 16th and it was a hard parting though a peaceful passing. I miss Chester greatly. I will always remember the boom of his bark, his devotion to me, his pawing at me for potato chips, his big brown eyes staring at me until I yielded my cereal milk, his snoring and his impeccable timing with a sigh at just the right spot in a TV show. We -- my daughter and son and Chester's Daddy and I - lost a good friend. As his Daddy put it: "A friend loves unconditionally, knows what you are feeling and responds with care and concern, is never too busy to listen and be with you and never demands conditions to be your friend. " Our Mooser boy was such a friend for 13 1/2 years, a long life though it's never long enough with those we love. We take some comfort in believing he is with his buddy, Shadow, a black pug who left us three years ago. They were the best of friends and in our hearts they are roaming the fields together.sharing wonderful adventures.Melissa WarnerGlen Allen, VirginiaDecember 31, 2016
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I'm lighting a candle for sweet Chester too- what a big part of your lives this big, gentle boy was! The bond your family shared with him was amazing and he was such a lucky boy to find you. Thinking of you all, and -like you- I love thinking about his and Shadow playing again :).
With love,
Dr Sarah
Sarah Clarke, DVM - January 1, 2017

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