9/1/2002 - 1/28/2016So long Casper. It was with great pain that I made the decision to let you go. I still feel guilty that you might have turned it around and I didn't give you a chance to fight. Since in the summer when the Doctor told me that the odds were great that you wouldn't pull through. I decided that you could pull through and after the feeding tube -you and I proved them wrong, and you did it. However, the toll it took on your nerves was painful to witness. It became harder to escort you to the Vet because you would know where I was taking you and put up a fuss. I saw your fear and anxiety. When they told me that your liver ailment never fully recovered and the prognosis looked bleak, I couldn't allow you to go through what you did last summer. You are a brave cat, I knew you wanted to live, but I am sorry we had to say goodbye. I miss you terribly. The house is not the same without you. Cloudy goes around looking for you. I always had a home full of people, but after my divorce and since the my sons left home, you made the home still lively. I never knew loosing a pet can be so painful, but I remember the good days. The days when you and I will just relax on the deck. You will always find me when I am busy working and flop on my book or try to get my attention. You were a patient and kind soul and I will have you in my heart forever.DJ JenkinsWoodbridge, VirginiaJanuary 3, 2017
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This took me a while to get to as I wasn't able to come to terms that my best friend was no longer going to be there when I came back to the states. Casper was my best friend. I loved him like he was my own child and I would do anything for him. I would even joke around and tell my coworker's that I had a son only for them to find out later I was talking about Casper the cat. I remember the great times we had, all the crazy adventures and so on. I miss hearing you walk into my room at 4:00am only to give me your favorite toy as a signal that you wanted to be fed. Casper was such a kind and mellow cat who was alway curious about the outside world. He would always want to go outside and you take any opportunity to run outside and play. I would constantly ask about how Casper was doing and ask to see him whenever I was in a video chat with my mom. It pains me everyday to know I was not able to see him one last time before he passed and it eats at me all the time. I know you are in a better place and no longer in pain. You meant the world to me and I will never forget you.Deven Jenkins - January 8, 2017
Much love. You will be missed. You were a great cat and great company. I know you are in a better place. You have lived a long life. You were stubborn, always wanted food, and always wanted to go outside. But you were a kind hearted individual. You never showed malious towards anyone and wholeheartedly welcomed any guest that you encountered. As a teenager you taught me that we should live more in the moment and see the good in everyone. When we adopted cloudy, our second cat, you embaraced him with open arms and made him feel apart of the family. You were never jealous or envious but were a leader. As much as you loved food you would let cloudy eat yours before you did if he wanted to try. This image will resonate with me forever... you truly felt responsibility, obligation, and empathy a trait that most humans lack. You are not just a pet, by watching you mentor cloudy, you mentored me in a way. Thanks for the memories Casper you are now free and I will always remember your spirit and soul.Johnny Jenkins - January 5, 2017
In honor of Casper Broadway Jenkins, a true cat star. He was a beloved and lively member of his family and will be missed by those near and far. His family cared for him with such love and devotion and were compassionate and selfless enough to spare him further pain and suffering, even though it broke their hearts to see him go. I know he has been restored to health and vigor and is watching over his family from above. May his life in heaven be as colorful and happy as is fit for such a special soul. Prayers of peace and healing for those he had to leave behind. <3Beth Meadow - January 3, 2017

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